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Death Row in Texas

No description

Parker Craddock

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Death Row in Texas

Conditions of Death Row in Texas The Cell Recreation Communication Hygiene and Health The Food The Handcufing Process A 6x9 cell room
No air conditioning
No television, only a radio
Solid doors and walls to ensure total segregation and confinement 1 hour a day allocated to recreation
23 hours a day in isolation (minus shower time)
Must exercise in a metal cage
No occupational activities
No education training
No physical contact with friends or family
Only opportunity to talk with other inmates is through the solid metal walls
No community religious services Jump suits are changed every 3 days
Inmate’s receive 1 roll of toilet paper to last a week
Sheets, pillowcases and face cloths are changed weekly
Medical emergencies are rarely attended to
Long delay for medical forms Strip Search
Complete Cavity Search
Brutally shoved around
Inhumane process Breakfast at 3am
Lunch at 10am
Dinner at 4pm
Poor food choices
Small portions

David Powell David Powell's description of the conditions on Death Row. Conditions of Death Row in Texas Community Outreach Public Survey Results Public Opinions Pro-Death Penalty Opinions Cell Size “Prison is not intended to be comfortable” “This is bigger than my first apartment” “Even astronauts get more room than this” “Why spend taxpayer money so we can execute a more educated person” “Considering there are innocent children who are neglected the same, it is obviously sad but reality is we have limited resources. However, I think some engagement, in the form of books, friendships, or anything relating to the soul should be provided as best as possible” “They have proven themselves dangerous and should be isolated” Comments about the food “I feel sorry for the guards who have to be awake at 3am” “There are starving children around the world that get less than that” “ They do not deserve anything more than the minimum they need to survive.” “If people in prison want better food, they shouldn’t have committed a crime.” Anti-Death Penalty Opinions Comments about cell size “I don’t think it’s our job to torture inmates or make life unbearable. They are separated from their families. Jail shouldn’t be luxurious but neither should it be tortuous.” “Its inhumane to put a person in a cage” Comments about isolation and lack of education “Prison should be about rehabilitation” “They should get more than one hour of time spent out of their cell.” “Isolation as a form of punishment doesn’t make sense to me.” Comments about the food
"Torture is not a democratic ideal. It is enough that their living conditions are isolated for their sentence. Starving them is a step too far" “Dreadful! Just because these men and women have done wrong doesn’t mean they should spend the rest of their lives in such conditions.” “Dehumanizing….unjust and unfair.” “Cold and stale is fine, but there is no need for making them so malnutrition that they need extra medical attention. That’s more money we have to spend for their health.” Undecided about the Death Penalty Comments about the cell size “I think this is enough space.” “If they are in a more confined space they can think more about why they are there” Comments about isolation and lack of educational training “They are still human and deserve a right to programs, human contact, etc” “It allows them to think about their informal issues” Comments about the food “This is crazy. We are all humans even if they committed the crime, they deserve normal rights. Cruel and unusual.” "Show a little humanity because they are still human.” "My food is cold and stale sometimes. We have a lot of obese people in our country.” Community Outreach Link to the deathrow in Texas Website:

http://web.me.com/parcraddock/Death_Row_in_Texas/Home.html Comments on isolation and lack of educational training By: Group 7
Rachel, Parker, Aaron, Becca, Rebecca

Death Row Syndrome Insanity
Supreme Court Consideration Justices Breyer, and Stevens question Constitutionality of long stays
Stevens: “Dehumanizing, and suffer two stays of execution”
Prolonged Confinement may violate the Eight amendment. (Lackey v. Texas).
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