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Fantastic Field Hockey

No description

lis lab3

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of Fantastic Field Hockey

Fantastic Field Hockey
By:Talia Schenck
Field Hockey started in Egypt during ancient times
You play on a turf or a field
Field hockey
is the
sport of
More people play field hockey in Pennsylvania than any other state in the US
You can only
use the flat side
of your stick
There are only right handed sticks
Field Hockey Vocab
.Indian Dribble
.Sweep Pass
There is no off-sides
in field hockey
This year at the
olympics Hollands
This year at the summer olympics Hollands
woman's field hockey team won the gold
On average during a field hockey game
players travel 5 miles by running
There is a national field hockey day in the U.S
Field hockey's original name
was "Shinty"
During the game players can be substituted as many
times and at any time in the game
In the London 2012 olympics field hockey was the
third most watched sport
Field hockey is played by about 3,000,000 people
who live in 100 different countries witch is 5 continents
The majority of
field hockey players
are in collage
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