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A prezi about movies...

amy orlando

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of MOVIES!

The First 3D Movie 1844- David Brewster introduces the steroscope device for taking stereo photographs.
1915- The first 3D movie was produced.
1922- First 3D film released in theaters. Movies By: Suzy Gadd The First Moving Pictures The Earliest Film The earliest film with narrative was "The round hay garden scene" made in 1888 by inventor Louis Le Prince. It's only 2.11 seconds long! Cave Man Movies Scientists think they may have found "Moving pictures" in the caves of France and Spain from about 30,000 thousand years ago!
In the caves they have found sequences of animals, drawn by ancient men and when you flicker a torch light over them the animals seem to move. Movie Time Line 1889- William Kennedy Laurie Dickson, commissioned by Thomas Edison builds first motion picture camera called the kinetograph.
1905- The first movie theater opens-Pittsburgh
1911- First featured film released.
1924- Walt Disney creates his first animated film "Alice's Wonderland"
1937- Walt Disney's first full-length animation, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".
1939- First technicolor film made "Wizard of Oz". Jaws Jaws was a made in 1975.
It was directed by Steven Spielberg.
It was based on a Peter Benchley novel.
It was one of the best gross out films in history. The Lion King was made in 1994.
It's an animated musical.
Produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Grease was made in 1978.
It was directed by Randal Kleiser.
It's a musical. Titanic Titanic was made in 1997.
It was an American love story.
It was based on the actual event.
It was directed by James Cameron. The first moving picture was called "The Horse in Motion," made in 1878 by Edward Muybridge.
He used his zoopraxiscope, which was the early type of movie projector, to show movies playing in public , making the fist commercial movie theater. Nightmare on Elm Street Nightmare on Elm Street was made in 1984.
It was a slasher film.
It was directed by Wes Craven.
In this movie the people of Elm street can't sleep because there's a killer in their dreams that will cause them to die for real. The Lion King REALLY FAMOUS MOVIES! By: Suzy Gadd References
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Stcharleslibrary.org (n.d.) St. Charles Public Library - Featured Events at SCPL. [online] Available at: http://www.stcharleslibrary.org [Accessed: 24 Apr 2013]. Movies Grease Movies!! Movies! MOVIES!!! MOVIES!!!! MOVIES!!!!! M O V I E S ! ! ! MOVIES!!!!!!! ! ! ! T E H E N D ! ! !
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