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I’m from Ukraine. I live in a beautigul small

No description

Anastasiya Kolomiets

on 7 April 2015

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Transcript of I’m from Ukraine. I live in a beautigul small

Hi! I’m Anastasiya Kolomiets .
I’m 13 years old. I'm from Ukraine. I live in a beautiful small town.
In my free time I walk with my friends,I like doing sports, taking pictures, watching serials and reading books. A big part in my life is taken by music.
In the future I plan to be an interpretor, as I like languages and travelling.

I choose to listen to music depending on my mood.
But I think that the best groups are Okean Elzy and Imagine Dragons.

When I have a lot of free time
and there is nothing to do I watch serials.I like : Teen Wolf, Misfits, Strain, The Vampire Diares and Supernatural.

I have a cat.He is very nice and has a lot of energy .There were times when my cat fell out the window, but now all is well. A lot of funny accidents happened with my cat.

My family is small, but very cheerful and friendly.We often rest on nature and travel. My mom’s name is Natasha and my dad’s name is Vasiliy.I love my family.

Me and my friend
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