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No description

Richard Wilson

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Europe;Poland

By Richard Wilson History Europe Poland Founded in: 966
by Mieszko I Named Little Poland (south)
And Great Poland (north) Facts About He's Awesome :-P Wars Invaded By Nazis which
marked the beginning of
World War II Famous People Witold Lutoslawski;
Artist, Pianist, Violinist The Pope John
Paul II Nicholas Copernick;
Famous astronomer. Population 1960; 29,561,000 1970; 32,526,000 1980; 35,578,000 1990; 38,118,800 2000; 38,453,787 2008; 38,125,759 Culture Music/Dance Some traditional music is
Polish folk music, including
the mazurka and the
THE END The people of Poland
listen to all kinds of music, but the most popular kind of music is Rock and alternative rock...they even have a celebration every year to celebrate it. People from Poland eat mostly breads, fish, vegetables, and sausage. Religion
But Most are Roman Catholic
at 89.8%.
Some religions include, catholic,
Old Catholic, Hindu, buddha, and many more.
Language Most People in Poland
speak Polish which comes
from the Slavic language. Sports Polish people play track & field, basketball, boxing, fencing, American Football, Soccer, swimming and many more. Government Flag Food Tourism Poland is part of the global
tourism market. It has increasong tourism Import/Export Poland's best trading partner is Germany. It's main products are
machinery equipment and
Type Of Government Poland's Government is mostly
made up of republicans. Economy Poland has its own
currency and delays
to adapt the euro
until 2015. Geography Land About 30% of Poland
is forest and about 40%
is arable, with rich soil in the
Climate Poland's weather is controlled by western winds and stays around 45 degrees celsius. Precipitation is very great during its summers. Map Main Cities Poland's capital is Warsaw which is located on the eastern-central side.
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