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AP Literature Socratic Seminar

No description

Alexandria Grant

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of AP Literature Socratic Seminar

The Ghost: Friend or Foe? Question #1 Question #2 Question #3 Question #4 Question #5 Why is the ghost dressed as if for battle?
(Level 2) One of the basic rules of the
Christian faith is do not murder, yet
the ghost asks Hamlet to kill his uncle.

Do you think there is any justice in asking someone to defile their own
soul, even if it's for revenge?
(Level 3) The ghost, Gertrude, and young Hamlet are all shocked that the King (ghost) was murdered by his own brother (Claudius), for they seemed to honestly trust him. Hamlet
Socratic Seminar In Act 3 Scene 5, Hamlet is
having an emotionally charged
conversation with his mother
about her choice to marry
Claudius... emotionally charged.... Question #1 Why can Gertrude not see the ghost
when it appears in her chambers, but the
guardsmen could in the beginning of the
play? (Level 2) Question #4 How would the play have turned out if the ghost had not appeared? Do you think Hamlet would still have gone crazy or forgiven his mother? (Level 2) Theme Statement Shakepeare demonstrates that although one can be overtaken with mistrust and suspicion, they must decide if they truly love someone enough to overcome these feelings and carry out what was set before them. Question #5 Is the betrayer completely to blame for an intentional act of barbarity, or does the victim share some responsibility for mistakenly putting their confidence in a distrustful person? (Level 3) Question #6 The End. It is natural to feel grief when a loved one passes away, but is there a definite point when the grieving becomes too excessive and should be addressed? (Level 3)
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