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king tut

No description

Alexandra Cianfrocco

on 29 March 2014

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Transcript of king tut

king tut
*Lord Carnarvon was the person
who funded king Tut!
* He died shortly after
* His head was deformed like this because
of a long history of inbreeding
* He also had many more disabilities
* Like malaria for most of his life, he
also had a clubbed foot
king Tut's death mask
*His grandfather
*He changed his name from Tutankhaten to
*His Father
*This is what
he looks like today!
Does anyone know what is around his sarcophagus?
It is around 2,500 pounds of gold!!
*Drawing off from his walls
Kings Tut's tomb
*In fact they recently identified who his grandfather,wife, and father was with a DNA test
This would be what people think he
would look like,it is a wax body!
Random facts;
*Ever since he died a curse
went on Tut's tomb!!
pictures of his pyramid
*some think that the curse is from
the wall, because the wall has so much bacteria
that is causes diseases!!
By; Ally Cianfrocco, Alyson Smoyer, Hanna Ball
*he married akhnatun's third daughter
*he had a malaria and a clubbed foot >left foot
Facts about his curse....
*Curse began when many terrible events
happened after the discovery of his tomb
*His Death Still remains a mystery...
king tuts Head

*Tut was only nine years old when he became Pharaoh.

*He was only 18 years old when he died.

*The people did not have a lot of time to build Tut's tomb. Tut's tomb was very small compared to the tombs of other pharaohs

*Because his tomb was so small, it was overlooked for thousands of years.

*In 1922, a British archaeologist named Howard Carter entered King Tut's tomb.

*Robbers might have been there because a bag of gold rings was found on the floor, as if dropped in haste.

*But they did not take everything because Carter and his team found many treasures inside the tomb including a solid gold mask of King Tut's face.

* The world became interested in learning more about ancient Egypt because of the exciting discovery of an ancient tomb full of treasure.

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