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Explict introduction to making inferences while reading.

Rita Edge

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Inferencing

Great Readers use inferencing
to gain a better understanding of
what they are reading Inferencing When I make an inference, I use the information from a text and combine it with information I already know to make a new idea. How do I make Inferences? Information from the text The text tells me that Garfield is standing at a place called Echo Point.
He has a little cough. Information I know
An echo will occur in vast openings
An echo may sound louder and deeper than the original sound
When someone is surprised, their eyes widen
Garfield is smart for a cat, but he doesn't have a lot of human knowledge Now I combine this information to make my inferences. Garfield is probably standing at the top of a cliff
The sound he hears is actually the echo of his cough
He thinks his cough sounds loud and deep
Garfield is surprised and decides he must be quite sick By making inferences, I have added to my understanding of the text and can enjoy and appreciate the message the author intended.
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