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Selling Yourself

No description

Jennifer Dever

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of Selling Yourself

Selling Yourself :
one of the most critical components of having a great career!

the Resume
Getting the job takes much more than a good resume!
The resume, just gets you the interview...
But this is only the tip of the iceberg!
People "prefer the potential for greatness over someone who has already achieved it"
Tip #1 "It's not you, it's 'you' "
You have to separate who you truly are from who you are as a product.
There’s you — imperfect, conflicted, fallible — and then there’s the “you” you’re selling — awesome, cool, superhuman.
There is a fine line between bragging and self-promoting
Make a list of your best qualities.
Dress the way SuperYou would dress.
Talk the way SuperYou would talk. Be SuperYou.
Accentuate your likability
Role play. It’s a part. Experiment. This is play.
"How to Sell Yourself" by Susannah Breslin:
Tip #2 "Be Annoying "
Tip #3 "Be A Unicorn"
It’s not enough to just be. There’s too much competition.
You need to network, communicate, and engage with people as the “you” you want to be, and you won’t get there by hiding.
What does it mean to be a unicorn?
How are you original?
How are you unique? What is interesting about you?

Highlight how you are distinct AND interesting!
find a way to connect how you are interesting with others interests
Be that new chimera the rest of us are too afraid to dream is real.
Hiedi Grant Halvorson:
"The Suprising Secret to Selling Yourself"
Start focusing your pitch on your future, as an individual, rather than on your past...
It’s what you could be that makes people sit up and take notice
Stephanie Overby: "Self-Promotion: Learning the Right Way to Brag"
"Self-promotion is just a necessary part of getting the visibility you need to meet your career goals"
whereas Bragging is "saying something in a boastful manner"
Compile a list of accomplishments: recent successes, obstacles overcome, compliments from a teacher or colleague.
Update the list often so it stays current.

Practice your "Story of Me" out loud repeatedly,
paraphrasing and telling it a different way each time and at varying lengths—30 seconds to three minutes.
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