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Engineering Design Process

PLTW 6-step design process used in Introduction to Engineering Design

Barbie Shedd

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Engineering Design Process

Identify a problem
Validate the problem
Who says it is a problem?
Needs and wants
Prior solutions
Justify the problem
Is the problem worth solving?
Create design requirements (specifications)
Criteria and constraints Standards for Technological Literacy
Standard 8: Students will develop an understanding of the attributes of design. Engineering Design Process Define the Problem Generate Concepts Brainstorm possible solutions
Apply STEM principles
Select an approach
Decision Matrix
Assess technology needs Develop a Solution Consider design validity
Ease of Maintenance
Create detailed design solution
Technical Drawings Construct and Test a Prototype Construct a testable prototype
Plan prototype testing
Test prototype and collect data
Analyze test data
Test Report Evaluate the Solution Evaluate solution effectiveness
Reflect on design
Recommend improvements
Optimize/Redesign the solution
Return to prior design process steps, if necessary
Revise design documents
Project Recommendations Present the Solution Document the project
Project Portfolio
Communicate the project
Formal Presentation
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