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Record Labels

BTEC Extended Diploma Music: The Sound & Music Industry

Sam Flanagan

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Record Labels

By the end of the session all learners will be able to describe what a record label is...

Most learners will be able to explain what a record label is...

Some learners will be able to comment critically on record labels... What are Record Labels...? What is a Record Label...? A record label is a company that uses music as a product and sells this onto the general public...

In order to do this a label will usually find and develop new music and artists...

Upon discovering a new artist a label wishes to work with they will draw up a contract between both parties.

At this stage a label may help with the production of an artists music, the manufacturing of the product and then the marketing, promotion and distribution of a artists album for example. Example: A short history of the record label Rough Trade: Major labels are large record companies that usually have vast resources to help promote and distribute an artists work. Examples of these labels include the 'Big 3' - Universal, Sony and Warner. It is often suggested that these labels prioritise money making over finding and developing emerging musical talent.

Independent (Indie) record labels are often smaller in size than major labels and may have fewer resources and less funding. Examples of some indie labels include Creation, Factory Records Domino and Rough Trade. It is often suggested that these labels have specialist knowledge within particular genres of music and therefore may be a more suitable label for a niche band or artist to sign to. Explain three differences between Major and Independent record labels

Explain how all Record Labels make money (refer to at least three ways) What are the ‘Pros & Cons’ of being signed to an Independent label? (2 pros & 2 cons)

What are the ‘strengths and weaknesses’ of being signed to a Major label? (2 strengths & 2 weaknesses)

What are the ‘positives and negatives’ of signing a record contract with a record label compared with releasing your own material? (2 positives & 2 negatives): Give an example of a famous artist that has experienced some of the positives and negatives involved with working with a record label... Who works at a Record Label...? C.E.O - This will usually be the record label boss whose main responsibilities include developing and implementing business strategies, making decisions and managing the overall operations and resources of the record label.

A&R - (Artist & Repertoire) Will usually scout for new artists and talent and may assist with an artists development. They can help craft an artists look, style, sound or image.

Publicity - This department will arranging and supervising interviews, releasing statements to the media and oversee the marketing and communications material that's distributed to the public on behave of the artist.

Artist development - Sometimes done by the A&R department artist development will focus on developing an artists sound or image and may help an artist develop new skills or an increased public profile. Outcomes: Example: The Label Structure at Fat Beats Records Randy Lennox On Major vs. Indie Owen Husney: Major Labels vs. Independent Labels Activity: Group Discussion... Common Disputes Between Artists and Record Companies The GoGos and Their Notice and Cure Provision Q&A Major Labels & Indie Labels http://www.artistshousemusic.org/videos/major+labels+vs+independent+labels http://www.artistshousemusic.org/videos/common+disputes+between+artists+and+record+companies http://www.artistshousemusic.org/videos/the+gogos+and+their+notice+and+cure+provision
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