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Stonehenge Presentation

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James Lemezis

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Stonehenge Presentation

Stonehenge James Lemezis Who Built Stonehenge? Ownership of Stonehenge Introduction - Stonehenge is an ancient grouping of stones

- Located in the county of Wiltshire, England

- First construction started around 3100bc

- Original purpose is unknown

- Went through several stages of contruction - Stonehenge is said by some to be created by the ancient druids of Britain.

- Due to the time it took, there were multiple tribes of people working on it.
*Windmill Hill
*Beaker - Privately owned by various different dukes and barons until it was bought in the early 1900s

- Gifted to the United Kingdom in 1918

- 1986, Declared a world heritage site

- Managed by organization English Heritage Why is it here? - Real purpose if unknown

- Was most likely used for various different reasons throughout its lifetime.
* Druidic holy place
* Time telling
* Change of the seasons

- Was built in increments of a thousand years Connection to Arthurian Legend - Rocks for Stonehenge brought from Africa to Ireland

- According to legend, the rocks had healing powers

- King Arthur stole the rocks from the Irish and killed a whole bunch of Irish people. Contruction History - Built in 6 increments
*Stonehenge 1 (3100bc)
*Stonehenge 2 (3000bc)
*Stonehenge 3 (2600bc)
*Stonehenge 4 (2600bc-2400bc)
*Stonehenge 5 (1930bc-1600bc)
*Stonehenge 6 (1600bc) Stonehenge Today - Renovated many times in the recent past (past 100 years)

- Is open to the public

- Some parts of the monument are not original

- Only adopted a "hands off" rule in 1977

- One of the most popular English tourist attractions The End
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