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Haiti Earthquake For 8C

When Haiti had an earthquake and it is for Common Entrance Examinations 13+ Summer 2011

Dan Metcalf

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Haiti Earthquake For 8C

D On the 12th
of January, 2010. It happened at approximately 4:52 It was a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. It was 16 miles west of Port-au-Prince, the Haiti capital The Epicentre was 8.1 miles under the surface of the world WHY
Haiti is situated on the north of the Caribbean plate and a conservative plate boundary with the North American plate F
S he number of deaths and injures as of Feb 12

Deaths: 217,000 - 230,000 known to be dead

Injured: 300,000 people approximately

Homeless: 1,000,000 ommercial buildings destroyed= 30,000
This is bad for fianance in the future. R S I D E N T I A L buildings destroyed= 250,000 LOODS occured causing more deaths IRES occured and it destroyed power Long term effects Bodies on streets- No where to put the dead
Crime and riots
No aid for 3 days hipyard spills oil into the sea E
S ffects were kept to a minimum by other countries helping fly in aid and food and clean drinking water ome places like the US, UK, China and France etc. gave aid and help roblems were: No aviation fuel, riots, aftershocks, no heavy lifting equipment xfam sending in teams to provide clean water, sanitation and shelter ext-door neighboor Dominican Republic let Haiti survivors and victims use their hospitals. ocial Networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook spread news and mobilise support. E.G Red Cross and Oxfam cash appeals on Twitter. urope's Geneva sent in a relief team and the UN flew in emergency supplies. ome money was raised for Haiti. In the long term Haiti will benefit from this
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