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The Maze Runner

No description

skylar lubell

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of The Maze Runner

"The Flare lives in their brains. It is an awful thing. Better to die than catch it" (Dashner 367).
" 'He just started the changing.' "
"As if brought on by the words, a blood-chilling scream erupted from a room down the hall" (Dashner 145).
The Changing
"Baggers are the creepy fellas. They act as guards and police. They take care of the dead people too" (Dashner 105).
The Box
"This here's the box. Once a month, we get a Newbie like you, never fails. Once a week, we get supplies, clothes, some food" (Dashner 42).
"The keeper sighed. 'I don't think the Creators want us to know there's no way out' "(Dashner 286).
"Logic told him it had to be his mind playing tricks on him, but he swore he saw the word WICKED scrawled down the beetle blades' rounded back in large green letters" (Dashner 66).
Your complete guide for successfully navigating through the new and unusual words and terms used in
"He looked down just in time to see the sun flash off something metallic-- a toy rat-- scurrying past him and toward the small forest. The thing was already ten feet away by the time he realized it wasn't a rat at all-- it was more like a lizard, with at least six legs scuttling the long silver torso along" (Dashner 65).
Beetle Blade
The Maze Runner
By James Dashner
The Maze Runner Dictionary
The Maze Runner.
Ex. If you are squeamish around mangled dead bodies, then bagger is definitely not the right job for you.
Ex. Beetle blades are the spies sent by the creators. They see and hear everything, then vanish.
Ex. The box resembles an underground elevator that sits in the center of the glade.
Ex. The changing occurs when a person is stung by a griever. It is extremely painfully but helps to bring back memories for the brainwashed boys of the glade.
Ex. The only known thing about the Creators is that they are the ones who constructed the Maze and placed each boy inside it.
Ex. The Flare is a new sickness caused from sun flares reaching Earth. Millions of people have already died from the disease and the gladers are being recruited to help find a cure.
" 'Call the Gathering. Now' "(Dashner 301).
Ex. A gathering is a meeting on important events or problems within the glade. Only keepers may attend gatherings.
The Glade
"Someone spoke as they yanked him over the sharp edge of the dark box. And Thomas knew he would never forget the words. 'Nice to meet ya, shank,' " the boy said. " 'Welcome to the Glade' " (Dashner 4).
Ex. The Glade is the setting of the story and the home to all the gladers. It is enclosed on all four sides by the maze and is a community of teenage boys.
" 'My name's Chuck. I was the greenbean until you showed up' " (Dashner 14).
Ex. A green bean, or greenie, is the newest member to enter the glade. They are called this for a month until another new boy arrives, who then becomes the green bean.
"The creature was a horrific mix of animal and machine, and seemed to realize it was being observed, seemed to know what lay inside the walls of the Glade, seemed to want to get inside and feast on human flesh. 'What is that thing?' he asked. 'Grievers we call 'em' " (Dashner 39).
Ex. The main reason the gladers are thankful the maze walls close at night is to protect themselves from the grievers.
Griever Hole
" 'We have to go through the Griever Hole' " (Dashner 309).
Ex. The Griever Hole is an invisible floating portal in the maze where the grievers go every morning and come out of every night. It also is the final solution to the maze.
Grief Serum
"Syringes of Grief Serum were included, even though Thomas didn't think the Grievers would sting them" (Dashner 322).
Ex. Grief Serum is the only known cure for a griever sting. It causes the changing but prevents death.
" 'Klunk's another word for poo. Poo makes a klunk sound when it falls in our pee pots' " (Dashner 15).
Ex. The word 'klunk' is a prime example about how the boys were brainwashed and had to create a whole new vocabulary for themselves.
" 'Homestead--stupid place is twice as big than when the first of us got here because we keep addin' to it when they send us wood and klunk. Ain't pretty but it works' " (Dashner 15).
Ex. The homestead is one of the only real buildings in the Glade. It holds the infirmary and a couple rooms and is used as protection against the grievers when they enter the Glade.
"Thomas spent his morning with the keeper of the gardens" (Dashner 104).
Ex. For every one of the various jobs in the Glade there is a keeper. The keeper is the boss of every glader working in their particular job. When a gathering is called only the keepers are allowed to attend.
" '....arrow missed his brain....med-jacks patched him up' " (Dashner 88).
Ex. Med-jacks are the doctors and police of the maze. They are also the ones who inject the grief serum to gladers who have been stung by grievers
" 'They call it the Scorch-- it lies between here and there. It's centered mainly around what they used to call the equator--it's just heat and dust now, filled with savages consumed by the Flare beyond help' " (Dashner 367).
Ex. The Scorch is what separates where the gladers were rescued and the Andes, which is where the cure to the Flare is believed to be.
" 'Nice to meet ya, shank. Welcome the Glade' " (Dashner 4).
Ex. Calling someone a shank is a lighthearted, everyday insult used in the Glade. Similar to jokingly calling someone a loser.
" 'The slopper's are the shanks that can't do anything else. Clean toilets, clean the showers. clean the kitchen, clean up the Blood House after a slaughter, everything' " (Dashner 105).
Ex. A slopper is the lowest job in the maze saved specifically for the especially young boys or the ones who are not very skilled at the other jobs.
Ex. WICKED stands for World In Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department. The whole reason for the glade, the maze, and the boys is WICKED. Their entire purpose in the maze was to find a way to escape as part of the creators experiment.
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