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Copy of Data Management Culminating Project


cole miller

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Data Management Culminating Project

Data Management
Culminating Project Cole Miller Conclusion All leagues All leagues
scatter plot MLB NHL NBA The study was conducted to determine whether winning has an impact on the number of people that attend sporting events in North America. After the analysis of thousands of data points of winning percentage and attendance rates over the past 12 years, in conclusion, one can say that winning has a moderate effect on attendance as the average R value is 0.5. The extremely large amount of data collected has given a very accurate assessment of the topic at hand resulting in an accurate line of best fit. The more games per season any given team wins, it is expected that the attendance will increase as well, although it is evident that many other variables affect how many come to any given game. The study conducted examines weather winning effects the number of people that attend any given sporting event. The MLB, NHL, NBA and the MLS. Winning percentage and the capacity percentage are the two variables that are used to determine if their is a correlation between the number of games won effect the number of people in attendance. Analysis What do the numbers reveal? Introduction Does winning effect attendance? MLS The Graphs So if winning only effects attendance moderately,what else affects it?
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