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Vet Science

Telementor Project Prezi

kylie miller

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Vet Science

Vet Science
By: Kylie and Chris
What the job is like
How to prepare if you're interested in becoming a vet
-Becoming a vet is very hard work all veterinarians are required to go to college for at least four years.
-Of course you have to have good grades and work hard.
-On average, a college receives about 18,000 applications for their veterinary science program, but only about 1 of every 10 of applicants are accepted in all Usually most vets get in the second time they apply, sometimes by getting a recommendation paper by a teacher which is a letter from the teacher saying why they should be accepted.
What vets have to do
- Veterinarians have to estimate what happened to an animal when it is sick or hurt because the animal cant talk
-Have to like animals
- Have to be able to practice surgery and perform check ups on animals
- Be able to talk to people if their pet is too sick to be treated or dying
- Have to be good at science and math
- Have to be able to be prepare for anything
Vet video:
How many vets do you think only treat pets?

1) 20%
2) 100%
3) 66%
4) 97%
I want to give a special thanks to my mentor, Chris for helping me with my project, Being a great mentor, and being fun to work with.
(Dogs, Cats, hamsters etc..)
Thank you Chris!
Questions #1:
Question #2:
On average how many patients does a small animal vet see in a day?
1) 40
2) 120
3) 72
4) 55
-Becoming a vet requires really good skills in science and math
- If you love animals and science this would be the job for you
-Vets practice surgery and medicine except on animals
- There are vets that specialize in large animals like cattle and farm animals There are also small animal vets that usually work with pets like cats and dogs. Some vets choose to work with both types of animals too.
What is vet science?
Vet science is another name of being a veterinaria and treating animals.
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