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Corrosiveness of Soda

No description

Esther Akapo

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Corrosiveness of Soda

Corrosiveness of Soda
The American Dental Association (ADA) has established that drinking soft drinks in excess can damage tooth enamel.
If I place my tarnished penny into the cup with Sprite in it, then after a weeks time the penny would be cleaner than the rest of the other pennies.
My end result was that Coca Cola was the most corrosive soft drink. It had taken off more tarnish off the penny than any other soft drink did. Basically the darker sodas took off more tarnish than the lighter drinks did, but Coca Cola was the one who had taken off the most tarnish.
Which soft drink - Coca Cola, Sprite, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, and water- is the most corrosive?
Take 6 cups and fill each individual cup with 1 cup of one of the soft drink.
Place one tarnished penny into each cup
Take a permanent marker and label each cup based on what soft drink is inside.
Observe the pennies each day to determine which soda is ridding of the tarnish.
At the end of 1 week determine which soda was the best at getting rid of the tarnish on the pennies.

For the first few days I've been noticing that Mountain Dew, Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper, and Pepsi were the first ones that have actually started to take the tarnish off the pennies. A day after I saw that Coca Cola was taking off tarnish a little bit more than the rest. I had also noticed that the penny in the distilled water had not had any tarnish taken off of it.
My conclusion is that Coca Cola is the hardest, out of all the 6 soft drinks, on the teeth enamel. Studies say that the darker drinks are more harmful to your teeth than the lighter sodas are because of the type of acids that are inside of them.
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