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Ahmed Abdalla

No description

Ahmed Abdalla

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Ahmed Abdalla

Dedication/People I Look Up To
I dedicate this presentation to my friend and mentor Mrs. Natalie. She's my Islamic Studies teacher at Saturday school, but she's also so much more. She's taught me about my religion in ways no one has. She's the only person who can make me laugh and cry in a matter of minutes. I'm honored to have met her in my life.
Thanks For Listening!
My Perfect Day
This is the Story of the One, The Only Ahmed Abdalla
This is me with all my flaws, my strengths and the bits in between. If you like it accept it, if you don't at least respect it. I'm unique, in that no one will be or ever has been like me, not in the sense that there aren't others I strive to be. I strive for perfection, yet I'll never reach it. I'm me, the one and only.
Ahmed Abdalla

The Man The Boy The Legend
Also: Not At All Narcissistic
Let's start off with my favorites
I'm terrible at picking favorites so a lot of this section will be me choosing my top 2 or 3.
Favorite Subject
I honestly can't decide. Each subject
has such differing qualities from the others, for me it's a little like comparing brownies with TV, life's impossible without either.
Favorite Home Cooked Meal:
Sudanese Beans
One of Sudan's delicacies is Al-Fool As-Sudani, or roughly translated to Sudanese beans, but don't be fooled. Unlike regular beans, Al-Fool As-Sudani is served with herbs, vegetables, and all other sort of food items. In a sense, it's Sudanese pizza. Served with pita bread it's known by its other name: heaven on earth.
“Even trained for years as they all had been in precision of language, what words could you use which would give another the experience of sunshine?”
-Lois Lowry, The Giver
Favorite Quote
Favorite TV Show
Doctor Who
Its fundamentally different
Its got a long history
The main character's a pacifist
The Doctor uses his wits not his fists*
It's easy to get excited about
*pardon the pun
Favorite Youtube Channels
PBS Idea Channel
Sci Show
Rather than explain why I
like these channels I'd prefer
to show you. Enjoy!
Miscellaneous Me
Dream Career
Because I 'm terrible with decisions I don't
know what I want to be when I grow-up*, I don't really have a "dream career". However, if I had to choose, I'd love to become and entrepreneurial inventor. That would be sort of like Thomas Edison, to invent something, patent it, and then solicit it to the public. Not only would I make a ton of money, I'd also be benefiting humanity by creating a product that had some value.
*Forgive the Cliche
If I Could be Another Person
For One Day
Daniel Tammet
Daniel Tammet is a savant, a person who had a disability that later turned out to be a mental gift. One of these gifts is that he can see numbers from 1-10,000. For example, he says 289 is ugly, pi is beautiful and 6 is nothingness (albeit a small nothingness compared to 9) This allows him to do complex mathematics in his head. He also knows 10 languages, holds the European record for reciting digits of pi, and, unlike most savants, can explain to you exactly how his brains is working to do such intense computations. In a word, the dude's a genius.
He's also achieved my life's ambition of having a page on wikipedia
Best Trait
Worst Trait
Hot Tempered
Sensitive to a
3 Goals
This Year:
To be a good president and make you, not the student population, but you, as a leadership class, proud.
5 Years:
To graduate from high school and get into a good college.
Lifetime or 1 Thing From My Bucket List:
I want to, at one juncture of my life, travel to Europe.
If I Could Have 1 Talent I Currently Don't Possess
If you know me you know that this would be a hard decision because there are a lot of things I'm no good at. However, I've chosen:
*cough, cough, wink, wink, Basketball*
A Photographic Memory
Why? One of the things I truly strive for in life is knowledge for the sake of knowledge. A photographic memory would help tremendously. Plus, I'd never have to study for a test again
If I Could Change 1 Thing in the World it Would be...
Rather than explain why pennies must be eradicated, let me show you why.
I'd get to sleep in and wake-up to breakfast in bed, which would comprise of pancakes, turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, french toast, hash browns, and a chocolate chip muffin.
Because it's my perfect day I'd be able to eat all of this without getting full or gaining an ounce.
Then, I would use the machines Jimmy Neutron (cartoon character) did to perform my morning rituals.
I would then proceed to drive my flying car to my job working as CEO and leading technician of my own electronics company where my main job is making electronics that I solicited to 3rd world countries for free and sold everywhere else. $$$
Because its my perfect day my job only lasts one hour. I get back into my flying car and head to the New York public library where I meet and discuss with all my favorite authors.
After meeting and discussing with my favorite authors for a few hours, we'll all have lunch together where I'll get to eat anything and everything I want it without worry or the fear of filling.
My family and friends will be there along with everyone I look up to. Yet, it won't be crowded or noisy, just blissful.
I'll take my flying car and travel to my beach house in the Caribbean.
There, I'll have a large assortment of books from which I could pick anything to read.
I will also have an abundance of sugary snacks including, but not limited to: ice cream, chocolate, pumpkin pie, brownies, and cookies.

I'd hop back into my flying car and head back home only to find that my house has been changed into a 5 story mansion complete with an elevator, race track, and an indoor swimming pool.
In my room, which happens to be the size of an olympic swimming pool, I find a water bed and my own personal phone, along with a mysterious blue police public telephone box.
While exploring my new house I find the plans to the Iron Man suit have mysteriously made their way up to my room. When I open my closet I find that instead of clothes, there's a fully functional tailored to fit iron man suit.
I put the suit on and fly out of the house to test the suit.
Later, I return home to my bedroom and the mysterious blue box (hint: it's a TARDIS). I take off the Iron Man suit and hop into my waterbed, feeling blissful and content.
A picture of me being held by my mom (Amal) when I was 2 year old
A picture of me when I was 3 years old.
Me carrying my youngest sister Asiel at my 4th grade awards assembly
A picture of me and my 5th grade teacher/coach Mrs. Donoho at my track meet in LA
The picture of me on my campaign posters (Obamanized version!).
Sister Natalie
Sister Jamila
Sister Jamila is another person I look up to she's my Arabic and Quran teacher at Saturday school. I've known her almost since I've moved here from Sudan. She's as much a part of my life as my own kin. Through her I've learned so much about religion, at times I thought my head couldn't take it, but she always helped me through it. She's also a mentor of mine and someone I'm glad to have met.
Auntie Marisol
Auntie Marisol isn't my real aunt, but she sure feels like it. When I first came here from Sudan I was a shy, reserved kid; in fact, I couldn't even look people in the eye. However, she helped get over those bad habits. Currently she teaches classes at Chapman University to student hoping to get their teaching credentials. She had me share my experiences as an English Learner to her class and I even got to give them tips. Auntie Marisol is the type of person you spend Thanksgiving with, and I sure am thankful for her.
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