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The Elements and Principles of Design

No description

Maryam Albaker

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of The Elements and Principles of Design

The Elements Of Design
Line Line can be defined as the visual path left by a moving point. The Elements Of Design
Color The elements of design The elements of design can be thought of as the things
that make up a painting , drawing, design ..etc good or
bad - all painting will contain most if not all the seven elements of design ..
and they are :
Color - Line - Movement - Space - Texture - Value
Typography The Elements Of Design
Movement The movement here flow in the space and you can feel that its windy. The elements Of Design
Space As the squares goes smaller it looks more distance and it shows space. The Elements Of Design
Texture This picture shows the soft skinned baby with fur hat creating soft and warm picture. Design Elements and Principle IDDFT101
Created by: Maryam Al-Baker
Instructor: Mrs.Roma Soni The Elements Of Design
Value The three primary colors are red blue and yellow from these all other colors can theoretically be mixed. Colors feel different emotions in each person. Quick lines placed in patterns can creates different images. Atmospheric perspective were they use color and contrast to show depth. We can see how the robe is showing a rough texture. This is a good example of value scale, from light going to dark. Value can be found in all colors, ranging from light, airy pastels to dark jewel tones. The Elements Of Design
Typography The Principle of Design The principle of design can be thought of as what we do to the elements of design. How we apply the principles determines how successful we are in creating a work of art.
and they are :
Balance - Contrast - Emphasis - Repetition - Rhythm - Unity - Theme/Variation. The Principle of Design
Balance The Principle of Design
Contrast The Principle Of Design
Emphasis The Principle Of Design
Repetition The Principle Of Design
Rhythm The Principle Of Design
Unity The Principle Of Design
Theme/Variation There are many ways to create balance in design and using an odd number of elements is an easy way. Symmetric figures is one way of showing balance in a design. The Relationship of the Elements and Principles of Design Tools Rules Principles of Design Elements of Design Harmony color
Typography Balance
Theme/Variation Contrast can be achieved through, the manipulation of space, near and far or empty and filled. In this picture the contemporary colors blue and orange can show the contrast. Repetition brings a clear sense of consistency, unity and cohesiveness. The repeating shapes in this drawing is in the form of clouds and hay . Unity can be achieved through the use of similar shapes. Unity can be achieved through the use of common pattern. References: - http://www.johnlovett.com
- http://www.wikipedia.org
- http://www.creativecurio.com
- http://www.pinterest.com
- http://www.605.wikispace.com Thanks for your attention In this picture the attention is on the fish. Theme is repetitious that is varied, in this picture the ballerinas gives the picture character. Theme and variation in the form of shapes. The domination feature in this picture is the bright leaf compared to the dead ones, the focus seems to jump out of the picture to it. As you can see the movement is very clear here it shows in the circle and it tricks the eyes to believe that it is moving. Typography in the form of shapes and lines. Good typography is an excellent way of advertizing in this picture it shows in repetition Rhythm in contrast. Rhythm in repetition and lines. Contents: The relation ship of elements and principle design .............2
The elements of design .............................................................3-11
The principle of design............................................................12-20
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