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Carlos Franco

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Reincarnation

Reincarnation Definition Life Religious or Philosophical Concept Similar Terms
-Transmigration History & Religions Early Greece Metempsychosis Big and.... ... small Orphic religion Orpheus the immortal soul aspires to freedom while the body holds it prisoner. And our soul need self-purification, that happen until the soul has completed the spiral ascent of destiny to live forever. Pythagoras
Plato Plato he argues that the number of souls must be finite because souls are indestructible, Benjamin Franklin held a similar view. Disappeared Buddhism Buda Gautama 563 BC - 483 BC :
Was a spiritual sacred teacher from the Indian Buddha taught In every life you can rebirth in human being or animal, that depending on the kind of life you have lived the doctrine of reincarnation was a powerful moral lesson. Dazu Wheel of Reincarnation Size: 8m
Built in China between the years 1177 and 1249 AC Ten realms of being Six realms of desire
1- Hell
3- Animality
4- Arrogance (or anger)
5- Humanity (or passionate idealism)
6- Heaven (or rapture) Four higher (noble) realms
7- Learning
8- Realization (or absorption)
9- Bodhisattvahood
10- Buddhahood KARMA By actions, thoughts, and words, man is releasing spiritual energy to the universe and he is in turn affected by influences coming in his direction. Man is therefore the sender and receiver of all these influences. The entire circumstances surrounding him is his karma. Hinduism Known as Punarjanma
Hindus believe that the Jiva or Atman (soul) is intrinsically pure.
The jiva goes through transmigration in the cycle of births and deaths.
Death destroys the physical body, but not the jiva, because is eternal. It takes on another body corresponding of their karmas.
The concept of heaven and hell and the concept of rebirth are two views of the afterlife that coexist in Hinduism
Moksha is the spirit liberation from the cycle of birth and death and feel peace of mind (Nirvana). Other Religions - Taoist
- The Celts (the druids )
- African Vodun
- Islam (a few Muslim sects) Religions that reject - Judaism
-Christianity Carl Jung Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist - Psychiatrist Ian Stevenson Thank You For Listening NIRVANA
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