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Rainbow of food


Alla Badanina

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Rainbow of food

created by Alla Badanina Colourful food PURPLE BLUE ORANGE Rainbow of food tomato apple raspberry strawberry watermelon red pepper pomegranate hot pepper orange pumpkin mandarin carrot orange pepper apricot YELLOW lemon corn banana pineapple yellow pepper grapes broccoli kiwi lime peas lettuce celery cucumber green apple blueberry grapes bilberry fig plum beetroot aubergine Do we live to eat? Delicious, isn't it? What colour is your food? Taste a rainbow of fruits and vegetables for better health Red food gives you energy
and protect you from many
serious diseases such as
several types of cancer. Yellow food makes us feel optimistic. Green food helps you keep your emotions under control and makes your teeth and bones strong and healthy. Orange fruits and vegetables are good for your brain. They really improve your power of concentration.
Beside that, they are rich in vitamins
A and C, which can improve
immune system function. Purple food makes people more creative and keeps them looking young. Healthy tips Scientists are regularly reporting new health benefits associated with fruits and vegetables.
Eating more fruits and vegetables is a worthwhile goal.
Eating a variety of different colours
of fruits and vegetables every day is
a new way of thinking about
meeting a goal! Blue food is soothing, both emotionally and
phisically, and prepare you for a good night rest. How many colours are there in the rainbow? How are they connected with food? Why eating a rainbow of food will make you healthier? What can you find at the end of the rainbow? There are seven colours in the rainbow. Eat a rainbow food and you will get all the nutrient your body needs to live your best lives. At the end of the rainbow you can find LONGEVITY! What do you know about food pyramid? Do you know anything about this symbol? The Healthy Eating Pyramid is a simple, trustworthy guide to choosing a healthy diet. Its foundation is daily exercise and weight control, since these two related elements strongly influence your chances of staying healthy. The Healthy Eating Pyramid builds from there, showing that you should eat more foods from the bottom part of the pyramid (vegetables, whole grains) and less from the top (red meat, refined grains, potatoes, sugary drinks, and salt). Find longevity at the end of the rainbow! The new dietary guidelines from the American Dietetic Association encourage us to color our plate with a rainbow of foods.

Interestingly, these guidelines correspond to an age-old Eastern philosophy that one should eat foods of every color each day.
Eastern wisdom believes that health and longevity depend on a balance of the five elemental energies; the elements are represented by five colors: red, orange/yellow, green, white and blue/purple. RAINBOW OF FOOD FOR LONGEVITY ? Longevity - the amount of time
that someone or something lives. https://smore.com/ycs9 https://smore.com/4b6v
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