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Christina Tzagarakis-Foster

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of 0903

Components of the Biotech Resume
Seminar #3 : February 10, 2015

Elements of your resume
-keep it concise (no more than 1-2 pages)

-keep the formatting neat and consistent

-ensure your resume is accurate
Contact Information

-address (home & work)


-phone (home & work)


*keep info in bold
Professional Summary
-summary statement up front

-describe your area of specialty and a few of your qualifications

-career objectives
-start with most recent educational institution, name of school, department, graduation date (or date of attendance if a degree has not yet been completed.

-for UG degree, list major as well as any minors

-information needs to be easily decipherable so that it can be gleaned within the first few seconds of viewing the resume
Professional Experience
- hiring managers and human resources people want to see your work experience listed in reverse chronological order

-title of the position
-name of the organization and location (city and state)
-dates, including month and year
-descriptions of responsibilities beginning with action verbs
-believable, verifiable accomplishments
-include internships (if any), volunteer community service, academic research. You may choose to divide your experience into two or more sections
section headers might include Research, Teaching, Leadership, Community Service, or Volunteer
Publications and Presentations
List all relevant Publications

List any presentations
(subcategories for oral and poster presentations
-list skills that you are able to perform independently

-don't go overboard, and provide an honest assessment



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