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Roselle, A - Endangered Species

No description

Alyssia Roselle

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Roselle, A - Endangered Species

Habitat The salamander lives in San Marcos, Texas. It can be found at Edwards Aquifer. It can also be found in water filled caves. The salamander is endangered because of floods, preditors, and changes in the environment. Biologists are clearing out their habitats by decreasing the amount of fire sediment, fish and predators, trash from the drainage. They are also increasing the amount of sediment, loose rocks, and
more. The Texas Blind Salamander
is the reason why water waste
is illegal in Texas The Texas Blind Salamander
is important. That's why it needs
your help.
The size of an adult salamander is 5in, the size of a
juvenile salamander is 3.5in. The salamander doesn't have any eyes. It only has two black dots under the skin that look like eyes. The salamander doesn't have lungs either. Description Texas Blind Salamander Cause of Endangerment Current Conservation Efforts
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