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Canada's Cultural Connections with the United States

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Sarah Lee

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Canada's Cultural Connections with the United States

Canada's Cultural Connections
with the United States The characteristics
of life that are put
together to create
a unique nation
of people. - Background between Canada and the United States has spanned for over two centuries How else do they connect? - By sharing each other's television shows - Canadian channels usually air more American shows than Canadian shows. - Cheaper than creating and producing their own Some ways their
cultures connect

- Background
- Movies
- Television
- Radio
- Popular music For example, the channel: This channel airs
many American
shows, as well as
Canadian shows. Cost is too high and is needed for more important industries. -Hiring actors/actresses
-Etc. Which results in Canadian shows not being
as popular as American shows. Big American cities in movies are usually big Canadian cities instead since it is a lot cheaper the filming Canada. Radio Music Justin Bieber is Canadian therefore so is his music. Taylor Swift (American) VS There are many Canadians with recording contracts because the demand for Canadian music is great. They achieve internationally famous status successfully because government regulations require that Canadian radio and TV music stations broadcast a certain percentage of Canadian music. Should We Protect Our Canadian Culture? Canada's Council CBC Canada's National Radio TV Network A nationalist is a person who advocates political independence for a country.

Continentalism refers to the agreements or policies that favor the regionalization and/or cooperation between nations. As the younger Canadian generation, our opinions are what will determine the future of Canada's culture. Some pre-packaged formats are:

- jingles
- station nicknames
- contests
- station advertising "Mean Girls" takes place in Chicago,
but was filmed in Toronto Movie Industries Canada and the Unites States are two of the
world's largest nations that lie side by side. Have developed one of the most developed
relationships in the modern world. Their Background - The world's largest trading partners - Share the world's largest border - USA's population is 10x Canada's For example: This show is filmed and produced
in L.A, California. Toronto is usually used as a stand-in for New York or Chicago. Side by side
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