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Crossbows in Ancient China

No description

Manny Diorio

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Crossbows in Ancient China

Ancient Chinese Crossbow Nobody is sure who Crossbows
were made by. Ancient Chinese Crossbow were created in the Warring States Period. They were made for protection and warfare. Crossbow are made out of wood and bronze. What materials were used to make it? What dynasty was this invention created in? What was your invention? Ancient Chinese Crossbow Who Created your invention? What purpose did it serve? To protect cities and kingdoms from invaders Why were they created How did this item affect society? The affected society by making China's armies stronger and more advanced Did this object appear in any other historical times? Yes, the idea of the crossbow spread west to other civilizations. Is this invention still used today? How and where? Yes Yes this item is still used today by almost every country in the world. Although they are not used for war any more they are widely used for hunting. Sites:
http://depts.washington.edu/chinaciv/miltech/crossbow. My sources were reliable because I used the five steps to identify if they are reliable. First I looked at the web address. If it was a .org, .edu, or .gov they were good. I used one .com but i found it was reliable in other ways. The creator was someone who obviously knew about my topic. All my sites were updated recently so the information is accurate. The majority of my sites had links and the one that didn't was a .gov/.edu. So as you can see all my sites were reliable and on my topic.
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