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Paula S.

on 7 March 2013

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Primary sector in Spain INDEX 1.What is the primary sector
like in Spain?
2.What is agriculture like in
3.What the livestock sector like?
4. What is the fishing sector like?
5.New initiatives in rural areas 1.Primary sector in Spain
Although the primary sector provides a low share of employment and of GDP, it continues to be very important:

*Agriculture and fish products provide raw materials for many Spanish industries.
*Food represents 15% of the value of spanish exports. *Spain has one of the strongest primary sectors in the EU. *Since Spain joined the EU in 1986, the CAP and CFC have had significant effects on this sector.
*Thanks to the CAP, the average farm size has grown, use of technology has increased... 2.What is agriculture like in Spain?
Arable agriculture has a prominent place
in the primary sector. Agricultural products
provide more than 60% of final agricultural production. *After France, Spain is the EU country with the highest percentage of land used for arable agriculture. *Spain's principal trading partners are other EU countries. 3.What is livestock sector like?
The livestock sector is important in Spain. In the past, extensive livestock production was practised. *The size of pastures was determinated by the climate
*These industrial holdings are characterized by large investments, a high degree of mechanization and high output. *They are located near the cities where their products are sold. Extensive livestock in CLM 4.What is fishing sector like? Spain is one of the main fishing countries
of the world. *It has te largest fleet in the EU ant the volume of catch is the second largest .
*It is the second largest consumer in the world after Japan.
*Traditional and commercial fishing co-exist.
*There are not enough fish in Spain's continental shelf to satisfy consumer demand.
*Fishing agreements with other countries are esential. Catches by Spanish vessels 43.2 % 15% 13.7% 12% 9.5% 6.5% *Spanish catches in foreign fishing grounds. North Atlantic Mediterranean Central Atlantic South Pacific South Atlantic West indian 5.New initiatives in rural areas In recent years, new economic activities have emerged in rural areas. -Ecological agriculture and livestock breeding
-Rural tourism
-The agro-food industry
-Construction of second homes
-Energy production Rural tourism Solar farm. Fish canning industry. The end
Irati Salvarrey Paula Sánchez Cristina Ibrahim Made by
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