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Social Story: Going to the Doctor's Office

No description

Sam Curran

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of Social Story: Going to the Doctor's Office

Social Story: Going to the Doctor's Office
Sometimes I don't feel well
When I go to the doctor's office
There may be a cool place for me to wait!
Doctors know all about my body and how to help me be healthy again.
When I visit the doctor, I tell them how I feel or what hurts so they can figure out how to help me.
When I am done the doctor and my parents tell me what to do so I will get better faster.
Then I will follow my mom or dad to make sure the nurse gets the name for my medicine.
I made it through my doctors appointment! I was brave and a good listener!
The End
How do you feel?
I feel
My throat is sore
It's hard to breath, my nose is stuffy
My head feels hot!
My tummy hurts
I may catch a cold, get sick, or get hurt.
When that happens my family works together to make me feel better again.
A nurse will call my name when it is time for me to see the doctor.
The doctor could be a man or a woman, just like a nurse can be a man or woman.
The doctor has many different things to see if my body is healthy
tongue depressor
magnifier for eyes and ears
Stay warm and in bed when I are told to.
Get plenty of rest.
Eat and drink what is good for you.
Stay still while the docotor or my parents check for fever and take my temperature. Please don’t bite the thermometer.
Take my medicine, when I am asked to.
By Samantha Curran
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