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Design An Organism PBL

school project

Saad Ali

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Design An Organism PBL

Description: It hunts down prey and eats their flesh with it's long claws and foot long canines. it also brathes fire to roast it's meal. Also Draconians are omnivores they eat pretty much anything except fungi!
Varanus Doension
Kingdom: Animal(ia)
Cell Type: Eukaryotic
Cell Number: Multicellular
Feeding Type: Hetrotroph
Reproduction: Sexually
It's width is usually around 15 feet and it's height is usually around 60 feet. The colors of it are orange around the belly and red everywhere else. It has scales everywhere other than the orange areas. The scales work as "armor" for protection from many things. Also their orange belly is their weak spot because there are no bones under their belly and it would hurt them alot!
Physical Characteristics
It's adaptations are when it sees a predator (tiger-bear-lion {to baby draconian}). It wraps into a ball with sharp scales. It only attacks during the spring and summer. It’s inherited adaptation is when it sees a massive amount of prey it creates a forest fire and lures humans (more prey ) toward them which is a safe zone and the Then when it sees them and eats them!
Another adaptation is when it it sees a large amount of predators like a pack of bears it breaths out a lot of fire burning them and eating them making them one of the top positions of the animal kingdom! Some thing that are deadly for them to eat, things that they eat on accident are mushrooms and potatoes. It is an omnivore by eating strawberries, watermelon, berries, and squash.
A neat fact about
Varanus Doension

is that it's wingspan can go up to 30 feet wide!! That is a scary threat!
Food Web
Baby Draconians don't get their fire breath until the age of 10 or above and they don't have claws at all when they are born. Their scales are much softer so they have to rely on their parents for protection. (A dragon's lifespan is 40 years long). When they are born, their height is around 4 feet and their width is around 1 foot (Dragons are pretty big). Also baby dragons shoot posion instead of fire they start to breath fire when they are 12 years old.
Varanus Doension
(Draconian/ Dragon)

About The Baby Draconians.
Habitat &
Fun Fact
The Draconian lives in forests or jungles and smaller draconians live in rural areas. that are moist and humid mainly. They can live in volcanoes and around their rim. Those draconians are extremely powerful and spew lava from their mouths by storing lava in a "second stomach". They are extremely deadly due to their adaptation to their habitat.
An adult dragon can live without eating during hibernation (2 seasons) due to their adaption where they can store food in their "second stomach" (really big and only the lava one's can use "second stomach for lava storage)
Anand Sebastian - Ecologist

Matthew Burns- Biologist and Environmentalist
About that fire/ acid spewing...
Their body temperature is around 120 degrees F so they use their tongue and rapidly create friction with the top of their mouth (since draconians are way stronger than humans they move tongue faster). When the dragon notices a spark, it uses it's super hot breath to blow it and turn it into flames. (Their tongues are rough enough for this). Then the baby draconions spit "posion" from the bacteria from their stomachs which when it reaches terrain it disetagrates everything it touches this can be very usefull when trapped & battling enemies.
GREG LIVES ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI ANUND

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