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A project of " I'M wearing communication "

Mauro Favero

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of T-Shoot

T - SHOOT I was coming back from a party when I saw something strange in the wood.
So I went closer to see better crew night crew killers HANKS TO self Made designed by... M I ran away but today I'M here again There comes a man,
I can't see him well, I'M too scared! Damn! He's taking down some... Girls "Hello,
Yes yes,I'M doing it!" He drags the bodies into the wood I don't wanna watch any more, It's enough... He's gone, I next to the car ...but they can't be saved any more ...I run back home Extra Point Oh my God, She's just another girl..! Maybe She's too cool even For Death.
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