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Asia UK Schooling

No description

Elle Whitcroft

on 17 November 2015

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Transcript of Asia UK Schooling

About Asia UK Schooling
Previously, Asia UK Schooling arranged a visit from Beijing students to Brighton. During this time, the students experienced British Schooling, cultural and social excursions.
Successful Past Projects
We are currently reinforcing links between Chinese and British Schools, with the intention of creating short-term and long-term schooling and communication projects.
Successful Present Projects
We have both long-term and short-term visions:
Future Vision
Asia UK Schooling can offer a number of progressive and dynamic services, including:
Group English Language Summer & Winter Schooling in local Brighton Language Schools
Dance and Performance cultural exchange programmes
Individual intensive English Classes
Individual Application aid to U.K. Private Schools
Individual Application aid to U.K. Universities and Higher Education
Teacher Exchange opportunity for Chinese and English Teachers
Family English Language School Programmes
Services Asia UK Schooling Offers:
Asia UK Schooling a Brighton and Hove based organisation which offers a number of services revolving around Chinese and British students and schooling. Our company has arranged visits from students all over China to the U.K., and has successfully placed Chinese students in British Schools for integrated activities as part of our Company's immersion cultural exchange project. Asia UK Schooling is dedicated to creating opportunities for Chinese and British students to develop links with one another not only through short-term, in-school experiences, but also through well-developed long-term means, such as pen-pal exchanges. This way, we ensure that even after our students leave us, they utilise the skills taught during their stay to enhance their learning in the future. Overall, Our vision is to aid the development of well-established links between schools in the U.K. and China, ensuring a mutually beneficial and and communicative relationship is maintained between the two.

This includes in-school Integration experiences with English students in British Schools, as well as activities suited to individual interest.
This includes dance & performance programmes tailored to suite group interest.
This demonstrates long-term links between schools
Methods: How?
Asia UK Schooling aims to create easily accessible promotion methods, which is essential when communicating between England and China, as well as attaining the interest of students, parents and Schools.
Promotional videos
WeChat Uploads
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