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The Math Instinct

No description

Tiffany Patino

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of The Math Instinct

The Math Instinct
Do Now
Sensory Map
SWBAT determine meanings and analyze ideas
Instinct: an innate, typically fixed pattern of behavior in animals in response to certain stimuli
Determine Meaning and Analyze Ideas
Work with partners to locate a text example of each of the following items:
a technical vocabulary word introduced with a familiar example or a familiar word with an unfamiliar technical meaning
a sentence that compares or contrasts two items; and
a paragraph that provides an example for one of the author’s ideas.
Small Groups
Instinctual behavior is inborn, unlearned, and often triggered by environmental stimuli, such as when Ahmed finds food and heads for home. Learned behavior is determined by experience. In your groups, explore and discuss the differences between instinctual behavior and learned behavior in both animals and humans. You will conduct a quick Web search to provide examples of each type of behavior in both humans and a few animals. Explain what purpose the specific instinctual behaviors and learned behaviors serve.
What does math...
Essential Question: Are some math and science skills instinctual?
Warm Up: Peer Feedback
from The Math Instinct Quiz
Exit Ticket & Reviewing Weekend Assignment

page 183
Refer to page 187
Exit Ticket
Explain your reaction to Devlin’s revelation that Ahmed is an ant. Why did Devlin delay this information? Explain the purpose of the author’s focus on skills rather than species. Consider the following, What skill do both an ant and a human possess? How is the development of this skill different in the two species? How do the differences in development help you understand the importance of instinct?
Do Now
Why does Devlin structure his explanation as he does?
Mapping the Claim
Identify the claim and four supporting details
1. How does Devlin’s description of Ahmed’s calculations help the reader differentiate between an instinctual act and an act of conscious mental activity as discussed in lines 85–90?

2. What claim is Devlin supporting through his essay? Cite specific words and phrases in your explanation.
Text Dependant Questions
Exit Ticket: Performance Task
Writing Activity: Research Conduct research on the use of dead reckoning, and summarize your findings in a one-page essay.
Research how dead reckoning was used to navigate before the invention of GPS. How were sailors able to orient a ship correctly?
Compare the usefulness and accuracy of dead reckoning with GPS.
End with a conclusion that explains the pros and cons of each way of navigating.
List your sources at the end of the essay.
Do Now
Swap yesterday's exit ticket with a peer and edit using the following criteria
Claim is stated with a firm position of agreement or opposintion
The text is referenced at least two times
Each reference is followed with an explnation of how the evidence supports their claim
A concluding statement is made
Independent Work Time
Using peer feedback and your graphic organizers from days 1&2, revise your argument
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