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Mold Experiment!

No description

Cierra Hendrix

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Mold Experiment!

Mold Experiment! :)
Which type of food molds the fastest in the same place: milk,bread,bananas,or cheese.
First take all your samples and make sure they are fresh.Put the banana,cheese,and bread on separate dishes and pour the milk in a glass or bottle.Then put them all in the same empty cabinet.Then wait 5-6 days and check your samples and record your results.
In conclusion the experiment was a success.Allthough my hypothesis was wrong.I noticed that the foods molded right after each other day by day.
I think that the first to mold will be the milk,then the cheese,then the bread,and then the banana.
Independent variable:the different foods
Dependent variable:how much mold each foo grows.
They were all in the same place,there was one of each,and they were all tested for the same amount of time.
The milk started to show mold on the 3th day,the mold showed mold on the 4th day,and the banana showed mold on the the 5th day.The cheese didn't grow much of any mold but it stared to have lots of bubbles on it on the 4th day.
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