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Sports scheme of work

Rebecca Haigh

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Sport

What defines a sport? Sport On your marks... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdTOEbSH7UM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3QQxEM4kGY use your definition... Ten Pin Bowling
Snooker Level 4- use some relevant quotations or use the text to support your points.
Level 5 - quotes are selected from different places in the text and most are relevant
Level 6- virtually all quotes are relevant and they are from a range of different places in the text
Level 7 – selection of quotes is precise and some may be selected because of specific words. Peer/Self assessment The writer shows the invention improves the sport using positive vocabulary. The Adverb “finally” illustrates the invention was something he was trying for a long time to achieve, and was important enough to continue. Furthermore the abstract noun “dream” has connotations that it would make him very happy and was finally something that would work “properly.” This implies until this invention, nothing had really ‘worked’ and it had solved all of the problems that were there, showing it again to improve things for the sport.

Level 4- use some relevant quotations or use the text to support your points.
Level 5 - quotes are selected from different places in the text and most are relevant
Level 6- virtually all quotes are relevant and they are from a range of different places in the text
Level 7 – selection of quotes is precise and some may be selected because of specific words. 1) Assess the response….
2)How does the writer show the invention improves the sport? What defines a “sport?” Rule of three Three things written together for impact Adjective Simile Emotive A word used to describe Compare something to something else
(to help the reader imagine) using the words “LIKE” or “AS” Words that make the reader feel something (an emotion) What other features are there? The adverb- Finally
The abstract noun- Dream
The adverb- Properly What “feature is your word or phrase?” Building your paragraph- “properly” implies that until this invention nothing had really ‘worked’ before
And this has solved all of the problems. “dream” makes
it seem important
as if it is something
that would make
him very happy. “finally” makes it seem like it was something he was trying for a long time to do, and was important The vulcanised rubber tennis ball Charles Goodyear spent nearly 20 years trying to create a rubber that didn't stink, melt or crack. Having been imprisoned for debt, nearly killed himself with nitric acid and worn a foul-smelling rubber suit for promotional purposes, he finally chanced upon his dream of "vulcanised" rubber in 1843. Once rubber balls could be pumped up hard enough to bounce properly off grass, lawn tennis – and modern football – soon followed. What language is positive in this extract? You see a picture in your mind to help gain a better impression or understanding of the text. VISUALISING When you have to read back in a text or read forward in order to make connections or clarify your ideas READING
FORWARDS You pay close attention to the sentences, taking time to understand the meaning. CLOSE READING Your eyes dart around a text searching for a specific word/phrase/number. SCANNING You read quickly through the sentences getting a gist of the understanding of the text. SKIMMING You make informed guesses about the text. PREDICTING You ask questions about a text to clarify your ideas. QUESTIONING When someone makes a point that isn’t obvious and you have to read ‘between the lines’ to find the meaning INFERRING sad angry jealous happy When you put yourself in someone else’s shoes and feel what they feel. EMPATHISING The writer’s attitude about Hodgson taking the England Managers job seems to be that he has to make some ‘big changes’ in a ‘little time’. The writer thinks that taking on the job will be a massive under-taking as there is so much to do with the England squad before the team plays. Model Answer SC- Use structure PEE
Embed quotations
Short concise explanations LO: to be able to write in a structured PEE including embedded quotes and concise explanation. Deduction/Inference Match the nation- with its national sport Answers Find as many DIFFERENT impressions as you can Q1- What impression does the writer give of the Man U ‘v’ M City match? Q2 – What are the writer’s thoughts and feelings about Hodgson taking the England managers job? Where are the good bits?
Peer assess... BEST EVIDENCE
What words have you found?
What effect do they have? Language Features The names for the techniques used to make us think and feel a certain way about a text. Language features Share your ideas.

Australian Open 2013: Andy Murray points up positives in final defeat

• 'Last few months have been best tennis of my life'
• Novak Djokovic takes fourth Melbourne title with four-set win

Andy Murray says he thinks he is 'going in the right direction' despite losing the Australian Open final to Novak Djokovic. Photograph: James D Morgan/Rex Features

Defeat is no longer devastating for Andy Murray. In more uncertain times, when he was less sure of his talent, losing to Novak Djokovic in the final of a major would send him into the deepest funk. Not now. He is stronger for the experience, not more vulnerable. No more tears at bedtime.

"There's going to be some obvious reasons for me feeling a little bit better," the Scot said, after failing to find the form he produced in the US Open final four months ago against Djokovic, who overcame an uncertain start to retain his Australian Open title in four sets.

"The last few months have been the best tennis of my life," Murray said. "I made the Wimbledon final, won the Olympics, won the US Open. I was close here as well."

Djokovic won 6-7, 7-6, 6-3, 6-2 in 3hr 40min. And while Murray was hampered by a tight hamstring and heavy blisters on his right foot in the last two sets, he refused to use them as an excuse. He was satisfied he had given his best under the circumstances – and that equation took Djokovic's fine play into account.

"I know no one [in the Open era] has ever won a slam immediately after winning their first one," Murray pointed out. "It's not the easiest thing to do. And I got extremely close. So I have to try and look at the positives of the last few months and I think I'm going in the right direction.

"This is the first time I've beaten Roger [Federer] in a slam over five sets [in the semi-finals]. I think I dealt with the situations and the ebbs and flows in that match well. I felt much more comfortable on the court today than even I did at the US Open, so that has to be a positive.

"Before the US Open [final] I was unbelievably nervous and was doubting myself a lot. I didn't go on the court today having those doubts. I felt pretty calm from the beginning of the match. I was obviously still nervous but I felt more at home in a match like that on a court like that, playing for a grand slam title."

This, clearly, is where Murray belongs. Djokovic views the future with similar confidence, although he says there are always traps on the way to finals. "It is logical in a way to expect the top four players to be the main contenders to win the [major] trophies," Djokovic said. "But I never want to underestimate the rest of the field, the rest of the players, especially the ones in the top 10, the top 15.

"I was a few points away from losing the match against [world No15 Stanislas] Wawrinka in the fourth round here. That says enough about the competitiveness of the sport and the quality that other players bring. So it is possible for them to make a breakthrough."

However, the evidence suggests that, for the foreseeable future, Djokovic and Murray, with Federer still dangerous and Rafael Nadal lurking, will keep these celebrations to themselves. Describe the sport- without saying the words on your card ARTICULATE! ‘How has the writer used structure and presentational devices to make their article more persuasive/effective? How did you feel under pressure? What do the two texts do to promote sport in the community?

•Look at what the writer says

•How they say it ‘How does the writer persuade the reader that Parkour is a sport worth participating in?’
Look at:
What is said- QUOTES
How it is said- LANGUAGE FEATURES AF5 – Comment on language or sentence structure AF2 - Find evidence (quotations) from the text AF3 – Read between the lines; find meanings that aren’t obvious http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kabaddi New sports Design your own OLYMPIC SPORT You must design and sell us your new OLYMPIC SPORT!

What are the rules?
Where is it played?
Any Celebrity fans?

Produce a newspaper/web article SELLING your final sport...
(you could make a prezi)

LANGUAGE FEATURES PLEASE! Why are they important? Text 1 – Scribbled Note

Yo! Apologies for late notice. I’m out of school this afternoon - in a meeting, sorry, should have told you yesterday but clean forgot, you know how it is Year 9 (lesson 5) there’s this new lad, Ben something, working on the level 3/4 border. Can you sit with him and see what he can do? PIGEON HOLE PANDEMONIUM! There's been a problem... Text 2 - Article

It has to go well. You worry you’ll be scarred for life if it doesn’t. So you’ve planned and agonised over acetates, dithered over delivery, and decided that your bum does look big in your new trouser suit. Finally, you’re ready (you hope). It’s 9am, time for the first lesson of the rest of your… Text 3 - Memo

Open Evening promises to be a busy affair, as always.
We are expecting over 300 parents to walk through our doors over the two nights so it is essential that we are prepared and looking our best. We need access to Room 112 so a lick of paint would... Text 4 – Scribbled Note

Can I have a pass out for tomorrow lunch please, miss? I have an appointment at the orthodontist. Sorry – I’m not sure where your office is …

Stacey Brown Text 5 – Scribbled Note


Not sure how you feel about this one? I’ve been asked to deliver some training for Doldrum High next Tuesday in the afternoon, which would mean setting up cover for my… Text 6 - Email

… so given the new government initiatives it is essential that we comply with the standards and remain tightly within our budget. Our current contract with the Oxfordshire suppliers runs out in 7 months, therefore any new acquisitions of cutlery and so on must… Text 7 - Memo

Looks fine to me. Can we start half an hour later at 8 pm? I’ve got a meeting with the planners with regard to the new Science Block at 6 then I must see county about a couple of issues. Can you take item 1 on the agenda? Many thanks, Barbara Hardwick. Text 8 – Scribbled Note

Oh, well spotted maestro! They don’t come much cheaper than that! Can you put the order in through Sandra Clutterbook? If we get it in before Friday we get the 20% discount and a freebie pack of labels which we can use for the y10 projects on Dreamweaver. Cheers! Nigel. Text 9 - Email

Been teaching for 2 years or more?
Looking for middle management opportunities in core subjects, humanities or the arts?
Thinking about HOY posts?
We have 20 places available starting in Ja… Text 10 – Scribbled Note

Robyn, see attached. Of any interest? It might be worth a day out for Year 12 but not Year 13 at this stage. I’ll leave it with you. The theatre needs a reply within 3 days. Contact Mary on 411789. Workshop B is sold out but Workshop A on Tennyson is availa… How do you know about the Target audience for these texts?
What words tell you this? What is the REGISTER?
formal/informal Match each text with the owner,
what is the PAF of each? TASK- Produce a presentation to sell your own Olympic sport.

Think about Purpose- Audience

How could you sell it?

Could celebrities help? Watch this clip... What WOW words are inspired by this clip? http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/ What are the conventions of this website? Now watch this clip... Write your own commentary for the
clip P-
L- TASK- Using the conventions of a website- produce a website for your OLYMPIC sport

Label the conventions that you have applied to your site. Write a PEE paragraph for your website- discussing the effect of one or more techniques you have used The website is aimed at a.......target audience. This can be seen by the use of.........this impacts the reader by..... Purpose
Form PAF? Assessment
Text 1 PAF?
1) what does text one tell us about the sports foundation and its role?”

(10) WHAT to do with a WHAT question
1)Focus on DIFFERENT points(10)
Find ten different things that help to answer the question-Underline them

2)small inference
(explain how your quote backs up your point)

3) Embed your quotes they should form the skeleton of your answer Assessment question 2 PAF OR 1)What information does text one provide about the Lincolnshire sports event?

(10) HOW question Remember this is your LANGUAGE features question
you must LABEL them in your point How does the text inform and persuade the reader to participate in sport using their organisation?

Look at
what is said/done
How it is said/Done Building your answer.... FIRSTLY
" " INFERENCE This tells us
This shows
Illustrates An amazing answer! 10 Peer assessment AWARD one mark for a point made + RELEVANT quote+ Inference The writer uses....
To make the reader feel...
It does this by....
It has the effect of....
It illustrates
The writer does this to
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