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anahit tihana

on 11 May 2014

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Greetings in Passing
Greetings before conversation
Greeting in Passing
• Greetings in Passing
• Greetings before a Conversation
• Greetings in the Classroom
• Greetings in Business
• Greetings at a Party or Social Event
• Greetings in a Friend's Home


• Slow down to greet someone you know. You don't have to stop what you are doing (walking, working, shopping).
• Say an appropriate form of hello.
• Smile and wave.

greeting (noun): saying hello; a polite word of welcome
greet (verb): to say hello; to welcome somebody
(The opposite of greeting is farewell - saying goodbye.)
There are many ways to say hello in English. Sometimes you say a quick hello as you are passing somebody. At other times a greeting leads to a conversation. Friends and family members greet each other in a casual way. Business greetings are more formal.

• Stand near a person and say hello.
• Express happiness to see a person.
• Ask a question or begin a conversation.
Useful Phrases:
• Nice to see you.
• Long time no see. (I haven't seen you in a while.)
• What have you been up to?
• How are things?
• It's been a while. (It's been a while since I've seen you.)
• What's new?
• Not much. (answer to What's new?)

• Hello
• Hi
• Good morning
• Good afternoon
• Good evening*
• Hey, John.
• How's it goin'?**
*Good night is a farewell (goodbye) phrase. It is NOT a greeting to use at night time.
**Native speakers often shorten "going" to "goin" in casual greetings.

Greetings in Business
• Introduce yourself with name and title.
• Shake hands.
• Express happiness to meet the other person.
• Give or accept directions.
Useful Phrases
• Please have a seat.
• Thanks for agreeing to meet with me.
• He'll be right with you.
• Can I offer you something to drink?
• My pleasure.
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