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Copy of Copy of Strategy Contents for Mobile Apps

The future Innovation for apps

Cassandra Ng

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Strategy Contents for Mobile Apps

In the early days of the web, people used to say, “content is king.” by Karen McGrane
Mobile Apps just launched less than 5 years since 2007 but it have becomes the important tools that provided many resources to human needs.What is the feature of it?
the key to successful content experiences is understanding what users want and need about mobile apps.
Primary Research
What users want and need about mobile apps?
• Easy access to product and store information

• Help planning and navigating trips

• The ability to communicate in real time
Learn about how Compuware's Mobile Solution can accelerate problem identification, optimize mobile website, application , SMS performance and ensure quality mobile website and application experiences for all end users under peak traffic conditions.
Easy-to-navigate app
delivers a suite of key functionality
mobile services through an intuitive
entertaining user interface.
Particular device with right set of options & functionality
proactive and relevant information
services within the context of location at a particular time.
able to push out personalized content, offers and perks based on user interests
providing the ability to share offers, news and product recommendations virally ontheir social networks.
The interesting of apps
Understand the benefits of Mobile Apps to Target Audiences
Determine the different platform support devices to fix the usage of users
Build a long-term goal to support
the future mobile apps strategy
Example 1
QuickDeposit by Chase is one example of successful mobile-specific content that isn’t created in an adaptive content world.
has many examples of brands that have created content based on the specific device features that provide real value for the consumer
Super-Successful Mobile-Specific Content
Example 2
Super-Successful Mobile-Specific Content
E-mart apps in Korea
E-mart in Korea, which built a shadow QR code to engage their customers during lunch time and not only met their business goals but won 5 Lions at Cannes in the process.
To watch the app in action, load the video:
Key Thinker
What happen with poor experiences for develop mobile apps?
Successful Steps to Create
strategy content for mobile apps
Understand the Benefits of Mobile Sites Versus Mobile Applications
Study Usage Patterns to Drive Platform Support
Research Approaches for Building Your Offering
Build a Tiered Roadmap to Support Your Strategy
Define Mobile’s Purpose Within Your Organization
Identify Web Technologies
to Leverage in Mobile
the strategy contents of mobile apps is important for the new involution of future apps.The greatest chance for success in future mobile must be have a good plan about strategy in technology aligned with mobile goals.

Making an app can be the potential to evolve into a profitable business because of the fast glowing market value and mobile apps have become a primary way to communicate with each other.

As a conclusion,
Brenna Johnson and John Andrews.(n.d)Six Steps for Building a Long- Term Strategy for Mobile: Technical Considerations [online]
Maidenhead : Oracle Corporation
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Maidenhead : Compuware The Technology Performance Company
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Bryson Meunier.(2013) Book Review: “Content Strategy For Mobile” by Karen McGrane [online]
Available at : http://marketingland.com/book-review-content-strategy-for-mobile-by-karen-mcgrane-34269
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Cooper Smith.(2011) iPhone Users vs. Android Users: Who's Richer, More Polite?
Available at : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/08/16/iphone-vs-android-users_n_928275.html
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Available at : http://www.abookapart.com/products/mobile-first-content-strategy-for-mobile-bundle
[Access : 16 April 2013]
referred to the report from
user needs for mobile apps
'Just because someone is doing a search from a mobile device doesn’t make it a local search. And just because someone is looking for local content doesn’t imply they’re using a mobile device. Just because many local searches are from mobile devices does not imply that most mobile searches are for local information. '
Karen McGrane

Skills & knowledge
Physical attributes
Mental Attributes
design the system conform with any accepted standard
the design should attract people who have few
skills of the system
The design must be simple for users who likely to be less IT literate
The content page must provide search engine for important information
Make information easy and quick to find
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