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Mathew Lowry

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of test2

= One-way communications What are we here for? We do more and more web projects If you're a
project manager? There are many types of projects Static Dynamic Brochureware Interactive Web2?
Social Media?
What's that all about? Is that the same as Twitter? What's a blog? An Editor? A community
manager? You may have
some questions Who does what? And how's it
organised? Between project
manager ... ... and web
department? Who checks
quality? What do I
need to know? Stages of a Web Project Types of Web Project Roles & Responsibilities Static vs
Dynamic Brochureware Interactive A static collection of HTML pages, managed
and edited using Dreamweaver or similar A database of content, published by code.
The combination often packaged together as a
Content Management System About us Aren't we
wonderful? This is
what we do = Two way communications & Services Feedback,
Q&As Applications
(e.g., Projects) Meeting places,
Discussions, etc. Communities Client <-> Audience Which
one is best? Aims &
Objectives Sitemap Specifications
Documents Wireframe Mockup Build Audiences? Purpose? Website Mission Statement Site structure Main (sub)chapters Sitewide Features Crosslinks User requirements document How the applications work Subscription Newsletter Project
database Comments
& moderation From users' perspective All users: users, editors, etc... Bridge client and developers Page Skeletons: what
content goes where No distractions from colour, font ... One per major page type Clothes on the skeleton Photoshop/InDesign file By a Designer Colour Fonts Graphics Grids Selection Installation Extension Tweaking Testing Fixing Web Design CSS files + graphics Client signoff! Client signoff! Client signoff! Client signoff! Client signoff! Ready for Editor Empty site Front office: what visitors see Back office: what authors & editors see Agreed structure, design & applications So Who Does
all this, and then what? Static Publishing One file per web page
Manually updated,
one page at a time Dynamic publishing Pages composed by database according to rules Database contains content Entire website updated with new content, wherever relevant Interactivity possible Quality control problems Broken links &
easier No interactivity
possible Better quality Barely OK for
brochureware Extended = reach beyond site Site promotion External platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn,
Twitter) Extend community Technical
Issue Communication issue Project Manager Web Dept Expert(s) Art Director Expertise: the client Co-define Aims & Objectives Sitemap Specifications Wireframe Mockup Expertise: online comms Mockup validation Does design match wireframe?
Can it be implemented? Other documents From editorial policy to organisational
change via detailed technical specs Web Design & Build Content
& Mktg Manual Migration All new content Online community
management & promotion Definition Design
& Build Graphic
content Site Editor People in
the database Database migration
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