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Odyssey Travel Brochure

No description

Olivia Crouse

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Odyssey Travel Brochure

Modern Greece Facts This amazing cruise is modeled
after brave Odysseus who spent
ten years returning to his home
after the great war at Troy. On
his way, he encountered many
difficult obstacles, which he
overcame cleverly. Odysseus' Travels This time, Odysseus and his men wind up on Aeolia, home of Aeolus, king of the winds. Here, Aeolus pities Odysseus and gifts him with a bag filled with all of the winds. However, he leaves out the west wind, which will take the men home to Ithaca. Later, the men don't heed Odysseus's demand to keep the bag shut and open it within sight of Ithaca. They're blown back to Aeolia and aren't greeted with the same hospitality. Third Stop Fifth Stop Odysseus and his remaining men make it to Aeaea, home of Circe, the sorceress. There she turns his men to swine. With the help of Hermes, Odysseus overcomes her with a plant named Moly. She tells him it's crucial to see Tiresias, the prophet in the Underworld, so he and his men (now returned to their human form) continue
their journey. Seventh Stop Every single citizen of Greece must vote- voting is required by law for everyone 18 and older. Elysium Cruise Trip to Greece and surrounding islands:
The two- week long cruise on the beautiful
Cyex is available for only 23 drachmas!
To reserve a spot, mail us at:
12 Andromeda Way
Mt. Olympos, Greece We visit six beautiful sites including: Island of the Lotus Eaters
Land of Cyclopes (free souvenir cheese!)
Aeolia, home of Aeolus
Aeaea, home of Circe
Land of the Dead (free photo with Hades!)
Island of the Sirens
Sylla and Charbdis *earwax available for purchase *sorcery package available for purchase *we are not responsible for damaged items or persons pictured: Scylla At the Island of the Lotus Eaters, Odysseus sent scouts to see if the natives were friendly. The scouts never returned. Odysseus eventually found them and realized they ate the Lotus Flower, which made them forget their mission and strive to stay on the island for the rest
of their lives. First Stop Second Stop In the land of the Cyclopes, Odysseus and his men are lured into Polyphemus's cave by the smell of cheese and wine. When he returns, he shoves a rock over the entrance and they are trapped. Instead of killing him, they blind him in the eye so he moves the rock again and they escape on the undersides
of the cyclops's precious
sheep. *wind tunnel package cannot be combined with other coupons Fourth Stop After departing from Aeolia, Odysseus winds up on Land of the Laestrygonians, a race of cannibals. He looses all of his fleet and men except for his ship and the men aboard it. Sixth Stop Odysseus and his men travel to the Land of the Dead and speak to Tiresias, who warns them to not eat the cattle on the Land of Helios. Also, he speaks to Achilleus and his mother (who he didn't know was dead.) There he sees his crewmate who begs him to return to Aeaea and give him proper burial. There, they burn the body and Circe warns them of Scylla (who picks men off ships from her impenetrable rock cave) and Charybdis(a giant whirlpool that lives under a fig tree.) She advises Odysseus to lose the six men to Scylla (one for each head) instead of risking the whole ship. Odysseus and his crew sail past the seducing Sirens safely thanks to their earwax (and Odysseus being tied to the mast of the ship.) Next, they skirt Charybdis and lose six men to Scylla (as predicted), then hightail it out of there before more men are lost. They wind up on Land of Helios, where Odysseus instructs his men not to touch any of the cattle. However, when Odysseus is sleeping they grow hungry and eat some. Helios goes to Zeus and he throws a lighting bolt at the ship, reducing it to splinters and killing Odysseus's shipmates. Odysseus drifts to Calypso's Island, where he spends seven years until Athena comes and convinces Calypso to let Odysseus free. With the help of Athena, Odysseus ventures to Phaeacia, then finally home to Ithaca. Bibliography http://goo.gl/NCFtE http://goo.gl/64nad The Parthenon was built almost 2,500 years ago, and used to feature colorful sculptures. It took 15 years to build. Greeks eat Mediterranean food, which frequently calls for olive oil, lemons, tomatoes, herbs, and oregano. "85 Interesting Facts About... Greece." Random Facts. Random History.com, 19 April 2009. "Food & Drinks". Hellenism.net. n.p., n.d. Web. 17 Janurary 2013. <http://goo.gl/VIS7y> Web. 17 January 2013. <http://goo.gl/2uCwM>
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