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Personal Learning Plan

No description

A Park

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Personal Learning Plan

Many different types of work exist. The work capability links in with the other capabilities as it is something that everyone does.
Personal Learning Plan
The Five Capabilities Reflection

Personal Development
Personal development is the act of establishing goals, recognising strengths and areas of development, and discovering skills that can be used to achieve these goals.
Citizenship is the act of connecting with your community.
Over the past year, I have been focusing on my goals, strengths and areas of development, and my way of learning. It is through using the 5 capabilities, that I have discovered and explored these subjects.
Alexandra Parchert
Communication is a major capability that we use in daily life. From talking to friends, family, teachers, and the public; communication comes in many forms.
In my life I use and have used many different forms of communication. In the past year I have used communication by: attending the Career Expo and the Kormilda College Subject Selection Night. At both of these events I talked to people in different work areas. At the Kormilda Subject Selection Night I got the opportunity to talk to my teachers and find out what the best possible subjects would be for me and how they would benefit my future beyond school. Miss Jenni was a massive help as she went through what subjects I would need and possible degrees that I might be interested in.
In Term 3 I went on two weeks of work experience. I participated in one week at the ‘Darwin Private Hospital’ and another at ‘The Furry Godmother Pet Resort.' During my stay at both places I used different forms of communication; from sending emails to arrange my work experience, to talking to my supervisors and other colleagues. I also got to communicate with the public; this came as clients and patients. A major part of work experience was listening; listening to instructions, safety procedures, my supervisor and clients/patients.
Earlier this year in July, I obtained a part time job at Coles. Doing this completed one of my goals; make a resume and get a part time job. My job displays communication because of the resume I had to make and the group interview that I attended. The group interview let me see how Coles’ staff operates and gave me a good insight on the workplace. It included doing group activities and speaking to my possible future bosses and teammates. Working with Coles means that I communicate with my colleagues, supervisors, and customers.
As being a part of the St Johns Cadets team, I communicate with my teachers and friends. Since I am a senior cadet we get to sometimes teach the junior cadets. When on duty it is important to talk to the public and assist if needed. I believe that the skills that I have learned from being a cadet have helped me be a better and more confident communicator to others.

Receive a Medical degree (long term)

- My time at work experience at the Hospital helped me find out more about the different kinds of medical courses available. Talking with one of my supervisors about how she got her job helped me understand how I could make this goal possible.

My learning goals for the year were to:
Complete Year 12 (short term)

- Talking with my teachers and Ms Jenni about year 11 and 12 subjects helped me choose my subjects for those years.

My personal goals for the year were to:
• Make a resume and get a part time job (long term)

- Paying attention in PLP class and doing the assignment helped me make a resume and hand it into different work organisations. Along with getting my job, I am also constantly communicating with my supervisors and colleagues.

• Receive Apply First Aid Certificate (short term)

- I have now received my Apply First Aid Certificate. In order to have done this, I needed to go to the training course and listen to my instructor while also answering group questions.

Next year (short term): Become an NCO at St John Cadets.
Next 3 years (medium term): Graduate Year 12
Next 5 years (long term): Find out what university course I want to do and enroll in it.

My Goals

What is important to me for my future is:
• Happiness
• Family
• Stable lifestyle (money)
• Travel
• New experiences
• Enjoyable job
• Having a job that makes a difference/helps the community

My Abilities:
• Planning
• Computer and technology skills
• Fast learner
• Analysing
My Strengths:
Able to work under pressure
Able to work in a fast past environment
My Skills:
• Operate a cash registrar
• Communication skills
• Leadership skills
• Money handling skills

My Needs:
My developed organisation, time management, technology and leadership skills can help me in my future work force. These skills can also help me complete Year 12 and my St John NCO course. My goal of being in university may block/delay my needs of travel. However, university will let me enjoy new experiences.

My Learning Strengths:
Willing to try new things
Team building skills
All of these skills are a part of daily life in school and out of school. These skills are most important in school and the workforce; both fields require similar skills.
Ways that I have demonstrated my capability of Citizenship and have connected with my community include:

Part-time paid work
Work Experience at the Darwin Private Hospital and Fairy Godmother Pet Resort
Volunteer work as first aider for St John Ambulance Cadets
Volunteer work for Moulden Park Primary School
RSPCA Cupcake Day Fundraiser

Ways that I can improve on my Citizenship:

Attend more volunteer duties for St John.
Attend the ANZAC Parade next year.
Be a part of and plan more charity fundraisers
Attend the 2014 Indonesian trip and participate in community events and attend an Indonesian school as an Australian billet.
Attend an advanced (next level) First Aid Course
Watch the daily news and read the daily newspaper

Citizenship is an important capability as it connects you to the community. One of my needs for my future is a career that makes a difference for the community; how I show citizenship now will help me in the future with my career.
• Communication skills
• Operate a cash registrar
• Leadership skills
• Money handling skills

How do I Learn?
My style of learning is multi-modal. I like learning and presenting what I've learned visually. I like using technology, dot-points, and headings.
My Skills
What I have Learned/ still Learning
How I learn
What I want to do in the future
How to save money
I think that it is critical in Year 12 and University, that you know how you learn. Once you find out the most successful way that you learn, and start developing on it, you take more information in. This is why finding about what way I learn best is the most important area to focus on.
How you learn and what you learn comes in different ways. Each day we learn something new and we will continue learning for the rest of our lives.
Examples of how I have explored the learning capability:
Preparing for end of semester examinations
Attending Work Experience and learning, and reflecting on, new skills
Attending School
Completing assignments
Creating a resume and job application form
Learning and reflecting on new skills from the workplace
Ways that I demonstrate work:
Part-time paid work
Volunteer work
Work Experience
Household chores
Talking to my teachers, colleagues, supervisors and workers in the hospital (work experience)
Talking to my parents about their careers and how they made that decision.
The work capability can assist me with both my personal and learning goals. What I learned in PLP class helped me write my resume and job application for my current job (checking off one of my personal goals). Doing work experience at the Hospital helped me find out how I could achieve my goal of completing a Medical Degree in University. It also helped me develop on my first aid skills.

Medical Degree
Complete Year 12

Resume and job
First Aid Certificate
Doing different types of work such as fundraising , volunteer work, first aid qualification, and work experience let me put these things onto my resume; aiding me with getting a job and helping me with my future career.
Learning Goals:
Personal Goals:
In three years’ time I would be 18 years old. I would like to have my driver’s license and my own car. I’d like to have finished school and be traveling with my friends. I would love to visit and possibly live in London. I would like to be either be attending or enrolled in University for either a medical or forensic science degree.

In order to achieve these dreams I need to complete my goal of graduating Year 12. I need to focus on my learning goals as they will help me receive a good job, travel, and form the foundation of my future career.
“The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.”

-John Muir
Literacy and Numeracy
My strengths in Literacy are poetry and analysing. Poetry and analysing go hand in hand. I am good at breaking passages down and seeing the deeper meaning and the different techniques that are used. My strength of analysis is also helpful for film study, as I can also find the different techniques that Directors use in movies that we have studies in class.

Something that I need to work on for Literacy is my paragraph structure and creativity. I find it changeling to write short stories and essays.

I could strengthen these by going through my notes, studying paragraph structure, and practice writing short stories.

Mathematics has never been my strongest subject. My strengths in it would have to be the assignments. Most of the assignments are reports on statistics that need to be analysed. I am good at analysing statistics.

Most of the time I find mathematics confusing, almost like it's a different language.

I try to improve this by going step by step, writing down formulas and rewriting them, and joining maths help websites.
My Computer Skills
Basic Photoshop
Learn line
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