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Ate: Goddess of Mischief

No description

Elizabeth Burchfield

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Ate: Goddess of Mischief

Ate: The Greek Goddess of Mischief
Zeus (Father)
Eris (Mother)
Peitho (Daughter)
Litai (Sisters)
Her Whole Story...
Ate, on the ay of Hercules's expected arrival, made Zeus take an oath, that the son born of his lineage that day would rule all of those dwelling about him.
Zeus's wife Hera, used the goddess of child birth, to slow the birth of Hercules.
How a goddess gets a name...
Ate got her name because she brought out the worst in people.
She was the goddess of reckless impulse, and mischief.
She often led men down the path of ruin and destruction.
Her Whole Story continued.....
He felt completely deceived by Ate, and the oath they made.
Zeus banished Ate to earth soon after, where she cause mischief and evil.
Zeus's daughters, the Prayers, cleaned up after Ate's mischief.
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