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No description

Emmett Saipaia

on 20 September 2014

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Transcript of Blackout


An Upcoming Horror Game By
Blue Scarf Productions

You currently have the choice to choose between four different characters. (Characters may be added in the future.)


All characters have different stats and all wield a different kind of light source.
Will the graphics be good?

The graphics will not be the best but that won't make the game any less enjoyable. If you're someone looking for graphics that are similar to a game such as The Last Of Us, then this game is not for you. The graphics will be similar to games such as the popular indie horror games Slender and Eyes.
I'm sorry but this is only an idea and still not even in development yet. The chances of it being completed in the future though are very great. Something that may improve the chances and maybe even speed up the development would be support, encouragement, and even ideas from people who would be happy to see this actually be finished. After viewing this presentation, feel free to ask the presenter(s) about absolutely anything to do with the game.
As the player, it's your goal to sprint through the pitch black and make it home safely using only the small sources of light that each of the characters wield. Sounds too easy? Unfortunately, the dark is usually known to hide more than just the surrounding environment. Horrifying creatures join you in the shadows, hunting for any unsuspecting victims. Also know as... You! Use your light source wisely, avoid the creatures, survive!
A group of teenagers are on their way home when suddenly a blackout occurs and the streets instantly become flooded by darkness. They have to maneuver their way through pitch black streets and eerie suburban areas whilst also trying to avoid the many gruesome creatures that lurk in the shadows. They have to do this while using only the flash lights on their phones, the mini torches on their key chains, and their lighters.

Can you survive the blackout?

Can you make it home?
What genre game is this?

Blackout is a horror game.
What age rating would this be?

because I'd hate for a game I work on to scare a young kid without warning. Obviously an age rating won't stop a younger audience but at least it gives them a warning.
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