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Fiona Wood

No description

chloe korbel

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of Fiona Wood

Fiona Wood is a significant Australian

Fiona's job
Fiona Melanie Wood is an Australian surgeon who works at the Royal Perth Hospital as a Director in the burns unit. Fiona has cured lots of people during the time of the Bali bombings and made spray on skin for burns.

Fiona was born on the 2nd of February 1958 in Yorkshire, England. Fiona went to Ackworth primary school in West of Yorkshire and attended St Thomas Medical school in London, graduating in 1981. Fiona won the Australian of the year in 2005, and has also been named an "Australian Living Treasure"!
Bali Bombing
The Bali bombing occurred on the 12th of October
2002 in Kuta. There were 209 people injured and 202
people that were killed, including: 88 Australians,
38 Indonesians, 23 from the UK and 7 from America.
From there people were sent to Australian's hospitals
and Fiona Wood made spray on skin to make healing
burns faster and less painful.
spray on skin
First, they take some living skin from the patient's body.

Second, they harvest the cells from the skin.

Third, the surgeon prepares it so it can be used in the spray.

Fourth, they spray it onto the patient's burn.

Bali Bomming interactive,prezi,wikipedia,Recell.
Thank you for reading this!!
Fiona is significant
In conclusion I think that Fiona Wood is a significant Australian because she has made healing burns much easier. You probably don't know just how many people experience a bad burn. You also probably don't know how terrible burns can be for a person. Thanks to Fiona we can imagine a world where burns can be cured in short time and this is directly changing peoples lives dramatically.
project 2011
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