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Fashion Forward Derek Lam Hits The Runway!

Project for Dr. Hogg's Event Production class

Felicia McDermott

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Fashion Forward Derek Lam Hits The Runway!

Meet the Designer
Discover the Location
What technology is being
used for this event?

Who will be producing this event?
Fashion Forward
Derek Lam Hits The Runway

Derek Lam is an American Fashion Designer and he was born in San Francisco, California. Derek was introduced to fashion at a young age with both his parents and his grandparents working in retail. He graduated from the Parsons School of Design in New York City in 1990. He then worked for designer Michael Kors until launching his own line in October 2002. He has caught the spotlight with his sophisticated and flirty dress designs as well as his collection of handbags, shoes and eye wear.


7,000 Square Feet
650 Square Meters
Ceiling Height:


120 Banquet Style
225 Reception Style

Pool and Beach Bar Combined
525 Reception Style
The fashion show will be taking
place at the Delano Hotel.
The pool is one of the best features of this hotel and the lengthy aspect of the pool fits the picture for a beautfiul runway. Guests can be seated on either side of the pool and once the pool is covered with plexiglass there will be more seating available.
The Delano Hotel is located in Miami South Beach. This beachfront resort hotel has spectacular ocean views and is known for it's luxurious swimming pool and its unique urban style design.
The Shannon Davidson Fashioin-Show Production Company will be planning and producing this event. They were founded in 1990 and will be in charge of the production design, sound, lighting, stage design, show staffing and casting the models.
The entire pool will be covered
with plexiglass so that the
runway can be set up over it.
Fashion GPS
first introduced in 2007
can be accessed from anywhere in the world
has been used at over 90,000 fashion shows around the globe
this webbased system can be used to develop the entire show, from start to finish

Derek Lam will use this site to keep track of inventory, create virtual look books for buyers, send out invitations, set up the seating chart and keep track of the media attending his show.
The runway will be
with conventional
lights . The lights will be evenly distributed down the runway so that the lighting will be the same at each point. This is important so that the clothes are viewed the same from all angles around the runway.
Digital Check-In-a new feature
provided through Fashion GPS
will be used at the show.
At the show guests
will arrive with their printed seating
assignment they recieved online via
Then they will proceed to check-in where
the barcode located on their seating email will be scanned.

Virtual look books provide editors and stylists
with instant access to the designers latest pieces.
Using traditional look books, it would take weeks,
but using virtual look books it takes minutes!

Meetingarchitecture.com provides information about the book, Meeting Architecture and gives a link to a bookstore on Meetingsupport.org. This bookstore serves as a database with a wide selection of books focused solely on planning meeting and events. Our event could use some of the knowledge provided in these books and on this site to think of more ideas for the fashion show.

The knowledge base section on meetingarchitecture.com can be used as a search engine for finding information pertaining to the event being planned. There are also a number of different categories that may also be used to search for information.

Doug McPhee has a presentation on the Meetingarchitecture.com called Meeting Architecture Movement. His outline for planning meetings will be useful to make sure
that nothing is missed for the fashion show and can be guide for the planning

On Meetingarchitecture.org there is also a link to the site, LinkedIn, which is used
by business professionals for networking, as well as a place to discuss topics with
other business profesionals. This site is also used to talk with other individuals
planning similar events and to help people find jobs and for companies to post job
Green Meeting
This event will be using at least one portable, natural gas generator
with 6,500 Watts.
DuroMax XP6500E Electric Start 6,500 Watt Portable Gas Generator

Other smaller devices that will be used at this event are walkie talkies
and microphones. Each of the staff members will have a walkie talkie to
keep in contact during the show and to help the first model with her timing
for starting the show off. The microphones will be used for when Derek Lam
welcomes everyone to his first show in Miami!

A projection screen will be set up at the end of the runway to display a background for
the models to have behind them as they walk down the runway. The pictures on the
projection will reflect any kind of inspiration designer Derek Lam may of had for his
collection such as art work.
Use of Meetingarchitecture.com & Meetingsupport.org Sites

This site will be used to make sure
that the right venue is being chosen
for the fashion show. Then to help with
the design layout and setup of our
shows runway, Space Renedering by
Meeting Matrix will be used.
Meeting Matrix.com
Meeting planners are now making sure that the venue their event is
taking place at is ecofriendly. That they have a disposal system
for all the waste, as well as ways to reduce energy consumption and water usage.
At this fashion show there will be a designated smoking section, but
no smoking allowed by the pool.
There will be recycling bins set up at this event to encourage recycling and
proper discarding of waste.
Derek Lam's Upcoming
Fashion Show in Miami
When: Friday, March 18, 2011


Where: The Delano Hotel in Miami

1685 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach, FL

Ticket Cost: $40.00
Parking Fee: $5.00
*Tickets will be sent out via email, but tickets
may still be purchased at the door as well.

“It's wonderful to be part of the community of designers who I've always admired so much. To actually be recognized by an organization and a larger community that has the same focus and point of view - I'm really pleased.”

-Derek Lam
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