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Edexcel Unit 19: Applied Sociological Perspectives

Assignment 2:Social Inequality & health and wellbeing

Ade Gachegua

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Edexcel Unit 19: Applied Sociological Perspectives

P3,P4,P5,M2,M3 & D2

Format: presentation and report UNIT 19 ASSIGNMENT 2:
SOCIAL INEQUALITIES AND THE HEALTH & WELLBEING OF THE POPULATION WHAT DO I ACTUALLY NEED TO DO? Anything else?!?! THREE PARTS: Explain and assess the impact of recent demographic change in the UK (P3, M2)

Explain how demographic data is used in health and social care to plan and provide services (P4)

explain potential links between social inequalities and the health and wellbeing of the population in the UK (P5)

assess and evaluate the potential impact of social inequalities on the health of your chosen population/group (M3, D2) HOW AM I GOING TO DO ALL THAT?!?! Firstly, as the great MJ said - 'You Are Not Alone'!
You will be working in small groups of 3 or 4 to conduct the research for this Project and for your presentation
You will only have to focus on one demographic factor in your research and presentation
You will need to collect primary data (i.e. an interview and a survey - see handout on primary research) and this will be useful for you to get a sense of the 'real-world' impact of your factor
You are encouraged to use evidence from work placement/personal experience to support the points you make DEADLINES:
Presentations take place on the13th and 20th May 2013
Your finished Project must be submitted via Turn-It-In on Moodle by the 22nd of May
Plan, Plan, Plan! How many weeks do you have to the presentation? What do you need to get done before then? INVESTIGATION INCLUDING PRIMARY RESEARCH


REPORT No (wo)man is an island... To start: Begin your research straight away after this session (see additional resources on Moodle to help you with your research)! HOMEWORK!
Due in at 9:00am on 22nd April:
Answer this question: How has the UK has changed over recent years in regards to the factor your group has been given? Use statistics to illustrate;
explain, justify and evaluate your opinion and source(s) of information. Your submission should be no longer than 500 words (1 side of A4) and there are videos in the homework folder on Moodle to help.
Extension: You may also want to write a brief paragraph on what you think this means for our society's health and social care services. So what is the factor we will research? Group 1. Age
Group 2. Patterns of migration
Group 3. Disability/Mental ill health
Group 4. Income and wealth distribution In next week's session: We will examine each of the factors and discuss their impact on our society OPEN YOUR MIND THE TASK:
In your group, write down the key words that come to mind when I say the following (you have 5 min for this task):
Group 1: Social inequality
Group 2: health and wellbeing
Group 3: Population
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