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Social Studies

Maggie Peters

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of China

Government Relations with the United States of America Traditions Geography History Food All power within the government is divided among three bodies: the political arm, the administrative arm, and the enforcement arm. The Constitution was first created on September 20th 1954. The constitution that is now in use was created on December 4th, 1982 and was the fourth constitution created. The president and vice president are elected by the national people's congress for five year terms. The national people's congress is the highest state body and the only legislative house in the people's republic of China. It is also called the NPC. The state council is the chief authority of the people's republic of China. There are about 50 people in the council. Central military commission controls the army and is supervised by the standing committee of national people's congress. Currently, the chairman is Hu Jintau and the vice chairmen are Xi Jinping, Guo Boxiong, Xu Caihou. The current president of China is Hu Jintao. He has been in office since 2002. China does not have a democracy. The chinese people do not vote for their president, the National People's congress elects the president. China has the second highest economy in the world. Right now China has the fastest growing economy ever. The U.S. is helping China's economy a lot by buying products from China. Right now we owe China 1.15 trillion dollars. we are about 16 trillion dollars in debt counting the money we owe to China. In total China owns about 8% of publicly held U.S. debt. The United States is actually the largest holder of the U.S. debt, not China Some people consider China our greatest rival because it has such a good, and strong economy. China used to be totally separated from the rest of the world. In 1972 Nixon went to China and stopped the 25 year silence between the 2 countries. The minute Nixon landed in Beijing, the President of China, Mao Zedong, took him to a private meeting where only one other person was aloud. There were no pictures taken of the meeting. In the end of Nixon's trip the U.S. pulled all of it's troops out of an island in China. For years lots of jobs were moving from the United States to China. This was because in China you could pay someone 10 cents an hour and in the U.S.A. you would have to pay them 10 dollars an hour. This has been helping the Chinese economy and hurting America's economy. People are now coming from China to the U.S.A. to work. This is because the difference in how much you are paying someone is rapidly closing. Last year U.S. factories added 237,000 jobs and another 173,000 are estimated to be added this year. The Chinese New Year is a huge event. It is also sometimes called the Spring Festival. Before the Chinese New Year people clean their houses to get rid of last years bad luck. They will buy plants to bring luck into there house hold. The luckiest plant is the Kumquat tree because its name means luck. On New Years day yo would wear red because those colors are for happiness and joy. They shoot firecrackers too, to scare away evil spirits. If you were celebrating it you would open all the doors and windows to invite luck into their house. These are just a few of the New Years traditions. Some other famous Chinese festivals are
The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. In the Dragon Boat Festival you have a bunch of boats that look like dragons race.
The Chinese lantern festival.

The chinese have many different festivals because they have been living there for thousands of years. China is 3,123 miles squared. The vast land expanses of China include plateaus and plains, basins, foothills, deserts and mountains.Some plateaus and plains are the Bashang Plateau, Hetao, Loess Plateau, Mongolian Plateau, Ngong Ping, Tibetan Plateau, Wuzhang Plains, PYunnan-Guizhou Plateau. Some basins are the Juyan Lake Basin, Nanyang Basin, Qaidam Basin, Sichuan Basin, Tarim Basin.A couple of deserts that are in China are the Badain Jaran Desert, Dzungaria, Gobi Desert, Gurbantünggüt Desert, Hami Desert, Kumtag Desert, Lop Desert, Ordos Desert, Shapotou District, Taklamakan Desert, Tengger Desert. A few foothills and mountains in China are parts of the Himalayas. The Bashang plateau covers 6,200 sq. mi.The plateau is dotted with hills and many lakes. The largest lake is the Angulinuo Lake but it is only 2- 6 meters deep. The average temperature on the plateau is 2.6°C, and the lowest recorded temperature is -34.8°C. There are few water resources and people mostly use wells. The Juyan Lake Basin is 3,900 sq mi. It is in the Gobi Desert. Used to be 3 different lakes.The basin's boundary is formed by the Mazong Shan mountains to the west, the Heli Shan and Longshou Shan mountains to the south, the Helan Shan and Lang Shan ranges to the east and the Mongolian Gobi Altay range to the north. Badain Jaran Desert covers 19,000 sq. miles of land. The desert has the tallest stationary dunes in the world. Some of the dunes are 500 meters tall. the dunes are kept in place by an underground water spring. The desert has a bunch of lakes too. The lakes give the desert its name which means mysterious water. There is also one river which crosses the desert which is called the Ruo Shui River. Mt. Song is known in Chinese as Song Shan. It is located in Henan province on the south bank of the Yellow River in China. Its summit is 1, 500 meters above sea level. Mt. Song is made out of several smaller mountains. The mountain is one of the sacred Taoist mountains of China, and contains important Taoist temples such as the Zhongyue Temple. The Taoist tradition is when you live in harmony with the Tao or "the path". It formed 2.5 billion years ago. The earliest signs of life in China was 1.36 million years ago. They know there were people living then because they found tools at Xiaochangliang site. The Xia Dynasty was the first dynasty of China. It was created at about 1, 600 B.C. There were 13 generations and 16 kings in Xia dynasty.In recent years, many huge palace, mausoleum and bronze have been unearthed. Shang dynasty is also called Yin dynasty. It has been said that the ruler of the Shang Dynasty over through the ruler of Xia Dynasty. The Shang Dynasty existed from the years 1700 B.C. to 1027 B.C. During the Shang Dynasty the people had very complex bronz art and tools. When a ruler in the Shang Dynasty died they were buried with some of there possessions. The The Zhou Dynasty originated from the Zhou clan. Zhou dynasty has lasted for a long time from 1027B.C. to 221B.C. The achievements during the Zhou Dynasty in economy, politics, science and culture, were much more illustrious than any which occurred during the Shang Dynasty. The Chinese believe that the year you were born in gives you special characteristics from an animal. Depending on what year you were born in. The next Dynasty was the Quin Dynasty and it lasted from 221 B.C. to 207 B.C. During this time the chinese were unified for the first time. To stop critiscim to the way that the kings ruled, many kings banished and killed the scholars and burned their books.In order to protect their country they made the great wall of China by connecting four walls during the Western Han, Sui, Jin. and the Ming periods. The Han Dynasty was also very important. After Qin was overthrown by the peasants, 2 leaders fought for control of the empire. Liu Bang won and became the ruler. As leader, he released some of the harshest laws and the Confucian Scholars were welcomed back. They became more literate and invented 2 of China's greatest inventions: paper and porcelian. So when ever you write an essay, thank the Chinese Han Dynasty for the paper. During the Han Dyasty the chinese starting exporting silk to Europe on the silk road. The Jin Dynasty lasted between 265 A.D. and 420 A.D. They governed about thirty million people. The Sui Dynasty went during the years 581 A.D. and 618 A.D. Before the Sui Dynasty, China had been in complete and total chaos. The Sui Dynasty lasted for only 38 years. This was because the government was always at war and was tyrannical. The Song Dynasty was also very interesting. It went on from 960 A.D. 1125 A.D. The Terracotta Army was made to protect the Emperor in his after life. The clay statues, dating from the third century B.C. were discovered in 1974 by some farmers. The figures were given their height based on there rank in the military. There are warriors, horses, and chariots. There were over 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots with 520 horses and 150 cavalry horses. Mao Zedong killed more of his own people than Hitler. He killed 40,000,000 people while he was in charge. He was a Chinese communist revolutionary, political theorist and politician
Foods in China are noodles,rice,tea, dumplings, and more. They eat with chopsticks instead of silverware like us. Shark fins, seaweed, frogs, snakes, and even dog and cat are some of the more exotic foods they eat in China. Traditionally there are eight main families of dishes, namely Hui (Anhui) Yue (Cantonese) Min (Fujian) Xiang (Hunan) Yang (Jiangsu) Lu (Shandong) Chuan (Szechuan) Zhe (Zhejiang) The End The Life Expectancy of an average citizen from China is: Male-72.82 Female-77.11 The Literacy Rate in china as of right now is: Male-95.7% Female-87.6% Average-91.6%
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