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Counting Stars

No description

Adrianna Sagrero

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Counting Stars

Counting Stars
Mood and Tone
Mood: gloomy, yet upbeat and joyous;
created by the beat of the song and the lyrics

Tone: Beginning- distressed, heavy-hearted
Middle- Hopeful
Ending- Cheerful, Joyful
Literary Devices
Simile- "I see this life like a swinging vine"
Metaphor- "Swing my heart across the line"
Lyric or Ballad?
Senior year of high school: Original band "The Beautiful Mess"
After talent show performance the band broke up
Split up and went to college, but eventually realized they work bet together
Lived in L.A. 9 months: the boys got signed to Columbia Records
2002: One Republic officially formed
2007: first studio album "Dreaming Out Loud" was released
Ryan Tedder, lead singer, began to write songs for other artists
2009: second album "Waking Up" was released
Following the release of second album, One Republic went on first tour with Rob Thomas
2011: Third, and most recent album, was released
Split of band = "Said no more counting dollars/ We'll be counting stars"
Ryan Tedder, lead singer, began to write songs for other artists = "Take that money/ Watch it burn/ Sing in the river/ The lessons I learned"
by One Republic
Presented by: Tirza Hernandez, Adrianna Sagrero, and Kylee Weisenberger
"Counting Stars" is a lyric:
Lyric- "Counting Stars" is a lyric because the song expresses the man wants a better life for him and his wife.
He is hopeful they will have a good life together without worries.
"Dreaming about the things that
could be
But baby, I been,
I been prayin' hard
no more counting dollars
We'll be counting stars"

The theme in this song is to enjoy life as it is,
but also to have hope, no matter what situation
you are in.
"But baby, I been, I been prayin' hard (hey!)/ Said no more counting dollars/ We'll be counting stars"
"Take that money/ watch it burn"
"Sing in the river/ The lessons I learned"
Pattern of Meaning
Problem: Solution
Problem: Couple wants a better life
Solution: Work hard and hold onto hope
Literary Devices
Literary Devices
Literary Devices
Personification- "In my face is flashing signs"
Juxtaposition- "Old, but I'm not that old"
Hyperbole- "Everything that kills me makes me feel alive"
Euphemism- "Make that money, watch it burn"
Personification- "I feel the love and I feel it burn"
Juxtaposition- "And I feel something so wrong by doing the right thing"
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