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No description

Jackson Reininga

on 16 February 2016

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Transcript of silk

by: Jackson Reininga
discovery of silk
Was discovered in about 3000 B.C
Leizu (Hsi-Ling-Shih), wife of the Yellow Emperor, noticed silkworm
discovered in the Imperial Garden
what is silk?
a fine, strong, soft, material made by silkworms (bombyx mori)
silkworms secrete protein that forms continuous thread
thread used to make a cocoon
what was it used for?
fishing lines
canvases for painting
silk in Chinese culture
important status symbol
restricted to only the noble until 17th century B.C
used as money
China still produces half the silk today
how silk is made?
moth lays eggs
eggs hatch into larva
larva eats mulberry leaves
larva grow to caterpillar
caterpillar makes cocoon
become moths
smuggling silk
two monks took silkworms out of China
they hid them in walking sticks
they took them to Europe
to the Byzantine empire
secret of silk
silk was kept a secret for over 1000 years
kept a secret because kings desired the cloth and would pay high prices
anyone caught telling or smuggling were put to death
silk road
how silk is made?
smuggling silk
one princess smuggled silkworms to a King of Khotan
three students wove the silk
silk road
system of caravan routes
center of trade between West and East
4000 miles long
established around 206 B.C.
helped with development in civilizations in China
silk was main trade
other items traded: religions, technology, diseases
established during Han Dynasty
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fun facts about silk
one silk cocoon unwound is usually 1,600 yards
silk made in captivity is better quality
30,000 silkworms used to make 12 pounds of silk
silkworm moth cannot fly or see
current silk production
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