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Hillside Stranglers

No description

Kady Cronnin-Dulworth

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Hillside Stranglers

Hillside Stranglers
Yolanda Washington (20)- Oct. 18, 1977, Hollywood prostitute
Judith Lynn Miller (15)- Nov. 1, 1977- runaway prostitute
Lissa Teresa Kastin (21)- Nov. 6, 1977- "good girl"
Jill Barcomb (19)- Nov. 9, 1977
Kathleen Robinson (17)- Nov. 17, 1977
Kristina Weckler (20)- Nov. 20, 1977
Dolores Cepeda (12) Sonja Johnson (14)- Found Nov. 20, 1977 - Missing Nov. 13
Jane King (28)- Nov. 23, 1977
Lauren Wagner (18)- Found Nov. 29, 1977
Kimberly Martin (17)- Deceber 14, 1977
Cindy Lee Hudspeth (21)- February 16, 1978
Diane Wilder
Karen L. Mandic
On January 12th, 1979, Bianchi was arrested after killing two female students from Western Washington University. He wasn't very good at cleaning up the murders and was easily discovered by police. He escaped punishment by pleading innocent on grounds of insanity. Eventually he met a woman and tried to set up a phony psychology practice. In the end, his efforts were unsuccessful and was sent to prison. He is serving his sentence at Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla, Washington. He was denied parole Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 by the state board of Sacramento.
Kenneth Bianchi
Angelo Buono
Itallian Stallion
From an early age Buono had a deep loathing of women.
Buono was running an auto upholstery business, where he would lure a steady stream of teenage girls. He soon teamed with his cousin, Kenneth Bianchi, for a spree of kidnappings, rapes and murders that claimed 15 victims, mostly in and around Los Angeles, between October 1977 and January 1978
Posing as policemen, the cousins began with prostitutes, eventually moving on to middle-class girls. They usually left the bodies on the hillsides of the Glendale-Highland Park area, earning the name "The Hillside Strangler."
During the four-month rampage, Buono and Bianchi inflicted unspeakable horrors on their victims, including injecting them with deadly household chemicals.
Convicted of 9 counts of 1st degree murder in 1983.
Sentenced to life in jail.
Kenneth's mother was an alcoholic prostitute
He was adopted at birth.
He had a love-hate relationship with women from a very young age.
Buono was arrested along with Bianchi, but wasn't able to escape persecution. He eventually died of a heart attack in Calipatria State Prison of the California Department of Corrections, where he was serving a life sentence.
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