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Little Green Army Men!

Little Green Army Men are little toy soliders that make little boys slow down!

Jennifer Koehler

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Little Green Army Men!

History They came out in 1950's They become unpopular because of the anti-war demonstrations during the vietnam war. The returned and became popular again with the movie Toy Story in 1990's The company Plastic Green Army Men out of Canada make Navy, Army, and Airforce figures They dont make just army men they make all other kind like pirates, dragons, knights, cowboys, and much more. Key Points They are time consuming Through the year's these soliders have been constructed from clay,wood,flour,paper,and sundry metals Made by Bergen Toys & Novelty CO Little Green Army Men Main Idea Little Green Army Men are enertainment for little boys and girls. They help them use there imagination, also get them down on the floor with the soliders, it helps slow down children Army men are believe it or not are one of the few things that can slow a fiver year old down! By: Jennifer
Koehler Army men give the children time to use there imagination! They grew to there greatest population in the seventeenth caentury Found in Egyptian tombs and Prussian palaces. They are about 3-4in tall,rubbery,and not as easy to break!
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