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Hip Hop & the Global Imprint of a Black Cultural Form

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JoJo Ramirez

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Hip Hop & the Global Imprint of a Black Cultural Form

Presentation by:
JoJo Ramirez
Lois Park Universal Zulu Nation
Founded by DJ Afrika Bambaataa
Goal = Peace, Unity & Harmony among battling gangs & peoples Socialize & educate
UN-HABITAT: an organization that sponsored a Global Hip-Hop Summit
Music Mayday: organization that promotes youth empowerment & education through arts in Africa
B-Connected, an annual music and arts festival linking youth through festivals in the Netherlands, Tanzania, South Africa,
Ethiopia, and Hungary Knowledge DJ/Turntablism Polish b-boy crew performed for Pope John Paul II
Kulture Break (Australia) went to Shanghai Expo
South Korea: best b-boys around the world
Brazilian Hip-Hop: CAPOEIRA Breakdancing Graffiti art (writing) Founded by Russell Simmons & Rick Rubin in 1984 Def Jam Beat Street & Wild Style
-played central role for international youth awareness of hip-hop culture, music, graffiti, and dance.
Japan, Germany, and other nations used graffiti and dance for representation "To me, Hip-Hop says, "Come as you are." We are a family....Hip-Hop is the voice of this generation. It has become a powerful force. Hip-Hop binds all of these people, all of these nationalities, all over the world together. Hip-Hop is a family so everybody has got to pitch in. East, west, north or south - we come from one coast and that coast was Africa."
- DJ Kool Herc Hip Hop & the Global Imprint of Black Cultural Form Authors: Marcyliena Morgan & Dionne Bennett DJ/Turntablism
Lyricism (Rapping & MCing)
Breakdancing (other forms)
Graffiti Art (Writing)
KNOWLEDGE HIP-HOP El Général (Tunisia)
Arabian Knightz (Egypt)
Master Mimz (Moroccan-born, lives in UK) Lyricism 1) Why do you think Hip Hop is spreading globally?

2) What are some community based events that bring people together, here in the US?

3)All these artists has used Hip-Hop to express their struggle some way or form, how has Hip-Hop helped with your struggle?
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