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Hope You Enjoy!

Serena Sajumon

on 20 June 2015

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Transcript of BOSTON TEA PARTY! :D

When did the Boston Tea Party take place?
The Boston Tea Party took place on December 16, 1773. The Boston Tea Party was one of the most special Parties in the Boston history because it was a time when colonist showed how tough they were ,how much they wanted their freedom.

Who Is Involved In The Boston Tea Party?
Samuel Adams, Sons of Liberty, the colonists, the East Indian Company,and in all 116 people were involved.

How did it happen?
The Boston Tea Party was occurred by the Parliament taxing the colonist on tea, which made the colonist so mad that they dressed as native americans, got on board, and dumped 342 tea chests off board!
The Boston Tea Party was one of the most important act made my the colonists.
It was an act where the colonists dumped 342 chest of tea of board and boycotted tea because of the tax on the Parliament had created.
The colonist were punished for sneaking in a native american's ship and of coarse dumping most of Boston's tea.Well all of Boston's tea .
Here is a picture of Boston when time was in the 1700's--->
Map of 1700's Boston --->
Where did the Boston Tea Party take place?
The Boston Tea Party took place in Boston Harbor.
Why did the colonist do this?
The colonist knew that their rights were being violated and wanted their freedoms back.
They also thought it was very unfair to tax tea and other paper and clothing being taxed too.They said they had no part in the war. So, why should they pay money to King George 111 to pay up the cost of the French and Indian War?

How did the colonists feel?
The colonist felt very disturbed and exasperated by King George and his taxes. They were being taxed for paper, paint, clothes, and glass. Now they were taxed on tea. They couldn't take it anymore. Tea was a very common everyday beverage for the British.
So, since they started boycotting tea , They decided not to make the British tea arrive in Boston. They dress as Native Americans and boarded their ship. Then, threw 342 tea chest of board. But King George 111 repealed the tax. But, the colonist were punished for what they did. they had to pay back the money of 346 tea chest. Then put another tax on the colonist which made them even more angrier. But the colonist joined together and fought for their freedom.

King George 111 didn't care what the colonists thought about the taxing. He just wanted the colonist to obey his rules no matter what!

This is the Boston Tea Party Proclamation 1773
By: Serena Sajumon & Mackenzie Waldron

(( ))
Fun Facts :D
The Boston Tea party was repealed after the incident but another tax was put on the colonists.
The Boston Tea party is an very important event in Boston history. :)
This is how the Boston Tea Party was like ---->
This was when the colonists were dumping 342 chest of tea of board!
Fun Fact!
90% of the tea were smuggled by the ships called The Dartmouth ship, Captain Hall, The Eleanor Ship, Captain Coffin, The Beaver Ship, Captain Bruce. :)
Hope u enjoy! :D
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